Monday, August 5, 2019

Using Dungeon Dungeon issue #10 (March/April 1988) For a Greyhawk & Judge's Guild's The Wilderlands of High Fantasy 1977 Crossover Campaign Idea

If you want a magazine adventure that really establishes the Greyhawk veneer it would be Dungeon issue #10  (March/April 1988). Author John Nephew really back the party of adventurers when they encounter a tomb with a view. But there's far more here with an NPC and a magic item with issues.
  Now Brice at Ten Foot Pole blog  doesn't hate  the adventure but  it does require a bit of tweaking.But with a bit of finesse this adventure could work for a mid range party of 3-6 levels. This is a drag & drop adventure to use as a mid primer campaign Greyhawk adventure. Something to introduce new players to an ongoing campaign.

This same issue has 'The Artisan's Tomb' by Matthew Maaske for adventurers levels 3-5 & its another Greyhawk adventure  & this one features a ghost who asks the party of adventurers to free his spirit by breaking into his tomb. The adventure is very short but it could serve as a bridge gap to get the adventurers into both Gary Gygax's  Greyhawk & Judge's Guild's The Wilderlands of High Fantasy. How? Well think of Oerth as one side of the world and JG's The Wilderlands of Highfantasy as the other side. 

Clues left in smaller dungeons can point this fact out to adventurers & NPC's. This is something that DM Steve & I have been discussing for sometime now. Now this premise for a campaign setting would need a lot of work on the dungeon master's part. But given the gritty & underhanded nature of Greyhawk its not that much of a stretch. Certainly the DM is going to have to decide on weather, etc. from which campaign setting. Within this I'd say that Greyhawk would be the winner. The details given in James Ward's Adventures in Greyhawk acts as a perfect accessory for such a venture.

The idea came to me whist reading through Saga of Old City by Gary Gygax the whole trail of the adventure path of The Mines of Custalacon (JG111),The Spies of Lightelf (JG270),Shield Maidens  of Sea Rune (JG1010),The Pirates of Hagrost (JG1030), The Witches Court Marshes (JG1090) finally winding up at Tegel manor might be the perfect set up for the down & out state of adventurers who wind up at Gary Gygax's T1 The Village of Hommlet?! 

Right now this is at the mental excise stage of things & more of dungeon master day dreaming at this point. I would need six or seven experienced players willing to put the time & energy into such an old school exercise.

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