Saturday, July 6, 2013

Total Party Kill On Carcosa - Nazi Expedition On Cacosa Final Fate! Actual Play

Many months ago I ran a small Nazi flying saucer expedition to Carcosa from 1945 thru 1947. The mini campaign proved to be quite successful but since I'm going to be starting a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game on Monday nights. The players over at my friend Larry's place wanted some closure on the piece and the fate of their expedition. 
The PC's were still faced with the problem of trying to recover enough supplies to A. keep their saucers going on Carcosa and B. Recover any technological items that could help keep things going.
The party took off from their seceret mountainside base from the early light of the Cacosaian sun. They had enough fuel to do some scouting. A bit of light relic hunting and perhaps to find another downed Space Alien saucer.
They had two pilots, a scout (thief), SS officer Thule sorcerer, and 2 other soldier/fighters. Most of the part was third level or better.  The scans and scouting went well when they spotted a downed Alien saucer within a very heavily jungle swamp!
They landed, and with weapons drawn began to make they're way through the mutated swamp land filled with dinosaurs! Everything seemed to be going their way until they accidentally stumbled upon a dinosaur nest! 

 This wasn't an ordinary dinosaur. This was the nest of a family of Redosauruses. The dinosaur from the Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. This thing is a powerful terror of the primeval world! They're fifty foot tall with a skull eight inches thick. This 12 hit point beast has an armor class of 6 and does 1d8 with his claws and bites for 1d6 points of damage. The beasts made short work of the party. The PC's got in some nice shots but it was to no avail. 

The amphibious quadruped made short work of them. Powerful jaws and massive strength rued the day. The party's blood stains the lips of the beast and there is now another massive lost saucer in the swamps of Carcosa. 

Those that survived the encounter with the beasts discovered that wounding it wasn't a great idea. The PC's sub-combed to the virulent germ that the monster carries within its blood. Now there are two saucers resting within the swamp. The PC's learned to never mess with a mother defending her infant and family.

 If this is the end of the mini campaign started all those months ago, it leaves several dungeons locations. The abandoned Nazi saucer base. The two saucers in the swamp, as well the two other ruins that were spotted by the party. Is this the end of our Nazis upon the face of Carcosa? It will all depend upon the players. Only time will tell what fate will remain for the others left behind at the bases and camps. There might yet be a continuing set of adventures.
 To be continued? 

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