Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Elbe" the Hart Bow From 'Archer : Fugitive From The Empire For Your Old School Games

"Elbe" the Hart Bow is one of a series of named magical bows which are passed down through the annals of myth and legend. These bows are mystically and psychically bonded to the very souls of their owners. These bows choose their owners as they are passed from one owner to another.

Any ordinary arrow shot from the bow becomes mystically imbued with the power of the archer's soul. The archer's very souls swim with these lurid magical psychic energy. The wisdom and experience from the previous owners flows through the bow. The bow is a weird magical weapon and anyone hit by the power of an arrow takes 1d4+2 points of explosive damage. The power of this energy turning the environment as strange vivid red color within a ten yard radius.

The bow acts as a +1 weapon and those hit by the hart bow must make a saving throw when hit by it or take an extra three points of damage with each hit.
Monsters and extra planar creatures not normally vulnerable to ordinary weapons has a 20% of taking damage from the bow. Only truly worthy owners of these bows may unlock these abilities through mystic rites and rituals.

Should the owner of the bow find himself without arrows in a dire situation there is a 20% chance of the shamanistic Hawk spirit of  the bow's power delivering him a packet of six arrows. This event may only happen during the full moon when the bow's power is strongest.

 There is a 5% chance of the bow rejecting a
n owner. An owner who suffers this fate must roll a save vs death or be killed instantly. Those who survive these types encounters make suffer a major curse as the bow takes full measure of the soul of the fool.
Hart bows such as 'Elbe' and her like are not something to be taken lightly. These bows often times follow ancient blood lines within tribes of barbarians. There are some tribes who look upon the power of the hart bows as taboo and the darkest magic. Things that have come down from the "Time of Before". Items that should remain lost in the circumstances of the current age. Other tribes hold these items to be of the greatest importance. Many tribes have gone in to battle over these wonderful relics of a by gone age.
The Hart bows may be used by: Fighters,barbarians, and rangers.  


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  2. Yup! This one is an old,old, favorite of mine! I'm not quite done with this setting. Not worry though I've been giving plenty of attention to the 'City' on the Dark Corner Blog. Anyhow been a very busy week and thanks of the comment. More to come.


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