Monday, July 15, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign- Actual Play -Into the Lyon's Den


Tonight's game found the PC's doing some heavy salvage work within the confines of a Capital Class wreck. They were exploring inch by inch within mechs and heavy space suits. 
They were worried about what might be left behind on the wreck from the Mi Go whose toys they encountered last game. Things left over from the 'Extinction Wars' have been very hazardous to their health for a few games running.
Between the parasites and the slimes. The party mostly seemed to end up using hand flamers. 

There were a couple of sealed rooms some of which held suit chewers and a few of these were lurking around. 
Mi Go "Enhanced" Collector Bot 
Deer Tick  Series 
Number Appearing: 1d6
Armor Class :4 
Hit Dice: 2(10HP)
Attack Bonus:+5 
Saving Throw :14+
Move: 30
Damage: 1d6 +1 particle beam weapon 
1d4+1 micro laser scapels

Skill bonus:+2 Captured colony soldier brain box
This bot has room for four human sized head in cold storage. 
The phraint seemed to watch over the party with several probes in order to keep an eye on the party. The wreck had several key pieces of mining and terraforming equipment on board. The party got into a throw down match with a couple of claim jumping pirates after their salvage. Between the laser blasts, the traps, and tricks the pirates gave the party a hard time. Their ship needs a bit of dry dock time but the phraint have several keep pieces of pre Scream technology. The party has gotten a hold of a map to another ship for salvage but their still working room by room aboard this one.
The party wasn't too happy that they almost blundered into a huge room full of mecha eating macro organisms. This time a plasma flamer was needed to scrap the thing off of them. They're going to need about 300 hundred credits of work on their light scout salvage mecha. They did come  away with another piece of the star maps that they need to find another salvage job for the phraint. So all in all it was a pretty sold and exciting Stars Without number game!

There are several rumors of Mi Go Swarm ships coming into the area signaled by the Collector bots.
To be continued. 

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