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Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign- 1d10 Random Bio Mechanical Treasures From The Talon Sector


There are forbidden treasures and artifacts that can rip a man's sanity and consume his soul . Pieces of technology that defy the very bounds of  what we know as reality. These things were used by various alien and demonic planar servants of the Outer Gods during the 'Extinction Wars'. Some of these are found from time to time in various 'treasure troves'. Bio mechanical devices and  horrors that can consume the very soul of those who dare to use them. 

1d10 Random Bio Mechanical Space Finds Tables 
File:PSM V72 D309 Carapace of a japanese crab.png
  1. Bio Synthetic Nanite Material - This technology level five material reacts as if it is a living thing and indeed it partially is. The stuff will merge and conform to any living thing around it and become a part of it. It adds +1 armor to any material it is laid upon. The stuff is living bio mechanical mass and will consume 1 constitution point per day. It may be shaped into any mechanical device and telepathically conform to the user's whims with a successful wisdom roll. The material will take on the characteristics of a device that the user imagines 30% of  the time. There is a 10% chance every 1d3 days of the material taking on the worst nightmare of the user and trying to kill them. Those killed will be absorbed by the mass. The stuff is worth 20 gold pieces for every five pounds of material 
  2. A Flash Pistol - This oversized device does 1d6 points of damage to most planar creatures and 1d4 points to all local space time continuum beings. The pistol has a range of 40 yards and will have 1d10 charges when found. The pistol's material ripples and feels like living flesh. The thing will occasion breath every four shots and may become sweaty to the touch. 
  3. Bio Merger Device - This device allows the flesh of living beings to merge with machines allowing increased output of efficiency of operation. The device however will cause these changes on a cellular level. Devices will become a living part of the host. There will be 1d6 charges when found. 
  4. Directional stone - This crystal stone will show any dimension instabilities within a 20 yard radius. It will howl when one is found. The device may grow warm to the touch like a living thing. It will function for 1d4 days when found and may require a bit of living flesh to continue to operate. The user will be plagued by nightmares. 
  5. Flesh holo maps - These living pieces of 9 foot flesh can create holographic maps of local star systems. There is a 30% chance of the maps showing forbidden stars and wormholes that lead to the special hells where the most forbidden of rites have been conducted and dangerous planar demons have been locked away. The maps may require immersion in a mixture of brine and blood to continue to operate. They may also whisper the locations of strange stars when alone with their owners.
  6. Suspension field generator module - Creates a field that suspends the local space time continuum. There will be 1d4 charges when found. To recharge the living machine 1d6 years off of the owners life must be given. 
  7. Bio Baby Familiar - This Bio mechanical familiar takes the form of a nightmare baby. The thing knows 1d4 forbidden rites and adds +2 to all psychic and occult rolls. Its actually an alien tumor and must be attached to the host for 1d6 hours per day. 
  8. Faceless Goddess - This bio synthetic goddess figure adds +3 to all navigation and dimensional travel rolls. She whispers and shows higher dimensional realities into the mind of the owner. The owner must sacrifice one pleasant dream per night to continue to enjoy her favor. There is a 10% chance that ever 3 weeks she may try to eat the soul of her owner.  These goddesses are very jealous and mean spirited to those who come between themselves and their owners. 
  9. FRe'tre Bio mechanical hand - This device is the cybernetic hand or hands of an alien race that committed itself to the service of  the Outer Gods. Each of these hands contains nine souls of their victims. The souls will allow the user to travel between realms ever other day. The hand will torture the soul and open a dimensional gateway each time. There is a 20% chance of the soul breaking free to torment the owner. Each hand may be grafted onto the owner and act as an AI familiar allowing +3 to intelligence. There is 2% chance of the souls trying to take possession of the owner during their sleep cycle or of driving them insane. Every two weeks a mutation check must be made. 
  10. The Unknown Cube - This bio mechanical cube has something locked within it. Every other week the cube allows one to bend probabilities and create a dimensional bubble. This allows one to plane shift from one dimension to another. There is a 2% chance each time it is used that the owner will be consumed and become the power source for the item.  The owner of this item will have most unpleasant dreams and may be visited by a servant of the Outer Gods. 

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