Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign - Fourth of July Actual Play - Rumble At Fuel Station #23 Part I


 THe PC's are now low on fuel, luck, and heading towards a charging and fuel station located deep within the system.  This was one of a number of fuel stations that was used during the"Extinction Wars". Who knows what's aboard this ancient floating death trap circling in the atmosphere of one of the gas giants? 

The party is going to have to deal with the automated VAL unit left behind more then twenty something years ago.

Not to mention the Mythos based hazards left behind on the station! 

They're already pretty twitchy about heading toward the station! 

Here are some of the surprises that await them in tonight's game! 

Mi Go "Enhanced" Combat Bot 
Black Widow Series 
Number Appearing: 1d6
Armor Class :4 
Hit Dice: 2(10HP)
Attack Bonus:+4 
Saving Throw :14+
Move: 30
Damage: 1d8 +1 Heat Ray 
1d4+1 micro laser tendril 
Skill bonus:+2 Captured colony soldier brain box
Other hazards include the android controlled saucers left behind within the atmosphere of the gas giants!
Red Marauder Saucers
Hit points:8 
Crew 1/3 
Armor :5 
Defenses: none
Weaponry : Multifocial micro laser +1 to hit, 1d4 AP 20
Fittings : Spike Drive 1, Atmosphere Configuration
These small nano solar power craft are crewed by disposable androids and left behind after Mi Go swarms  have left behind worlds. They are often inert until awakened by certain pre programmed conditions. These saucers react as hornets or other insect soldiers. The Red Marauder series of androids will attack furiously and then one will escape to report back to their masters using their spike drives. The craft and crew are grown with very little effort and were used extensively during the 'Extinction Wars'. Some of these horrid menaces are still found floating within the depths of space!  

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