Monday, July 1, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign -1d10 Deep Space Lovecraftian Random Encounters


 There are things that move between the diseased darkness of space. Things that no sane man will ever know. Beings from the Outer Darkness that move across the face of space and live outside time itself. These beings are damned beyond the bounds of human experience and even encountering them in the black changes one forever.
Here are a selection of 1d10 1970's horror and science fiction Lovecraftian inspired encounters that happened during tonight's game! 

1d10 Deep Space Lovecraftian Random Encounters 

  1. 1d4 Mi Go Brain collector spheres 3 hit points each, AC 6, Damage 1d6 bio cutters. These unholy things collect brains for their Mi Go masters and no one is safe. They move using psychic drives equal to spike drive 3 and they are utterly ruthless. 
  2. A double hit point Spawn of Cthulhu hell bent on destroying any ship it encounters. The thing is mad as hell and is actually hurt. Bits of it are leaking in several realities. 
  3. A Black Raider Outer God 5 hit points, AC 4, Damage 1d8. This black shadowy outline is actually the very hungry essence of a destroyed Outer God seeking any space craft it can. The thing is held together with the stolen soul essence of humans and near human aliens. It is always hunting for more. 
  4. A colony ship full of The Cult of Starry Wisdom looking for converts. They will pose as helpless colonists and then pull out vibro weapons. They fight as 3rd level fighters. They have three beserkers among them. 
  5. A shape shifting hive mind that is actually the size of a star ship. The thing moves by telekinesis and sheer will power. It may break down into 1d4 space craft or over 300 humanoids. It will try to convert or kill anyone it runs across. It has over 20 hit points.  Each night it must sing the praises of Lord Cthulhu 
  6. A spawn of Azathoth, this rolling cloud of ultimate chaos has over 10 hit points, an AC of 6, and does  1d8 points of damage as it lashes about with its bio acid covered tendrils. Very dangerous and completely insane by human standards. The thing is hungry and your ship looks like lunch. 
  7. A 5 hit point probe belonging to the Great Race. Anyone encountering it will be hit with a 10 point damaging field of time particles. They will be transported 4 million years into the past and confronted by very hostile Great Race warriors. 
  8.  A capital class destoryer full of Deep One Hybrid warriors all armed with energy weapons and a need to spawn or feed. Very agressive and dangerous. Actually part of an advanced scouting party of three such ships. 
  9. Space Rends and Azathoth himself teleports in. The  thing moves across the face of space looking for any tender bits and pieces it can find. 
  10. Yag Sathoth and his host form of 1d30 spheres of incredible damned god awfulness move through and will grab anything it can. It will do 1d4 points to anything it touches before departing

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