Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pacific Rim Featurette And Giant Mecha Love.

I've been thinking, dreaming, and dealing with lots of giant monsters in Rpgs especially old school stuff. Pacific Rim has lot of my friends geeking out and I've heard nothing but good reviews of this film. 
Giant Robot Action! Giant Monsters and Lots of scene chewing Adventure! 
So I'm including more information and a more in depth look at both the mecha and the making off. There are quite a few designs that are floating around out there. 
Here are a couple of the videos that have made the rounds.
Here are a few more designs that don't appear in the film but are official none the less. 

I'm looking into a wide array of campaign options to run this including Gamma World, Carcosa, Stars Without Number, Star Frontiers, and the Hollow World. 
More come.

 All of the Plans for the Jaegars and mecha details are right over
Hope You Enjoy 'em 

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