Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign - The La R'rethiss Mercenaries

 La R'rethiss Mercenaries  
A race of reptile men who move across the worlds of the Talon sector and beyond. They are tough, cunning, and violent. Only their tribal infighting keep them from being a danger to humanity. 
Appearance and Biology 
The La R'rethiss are slightly larger then many humans but they move with a loping and stooped walk. These humanoid reptiles have the characteristics of both mammals and reptiles in an uncanny biological arrangement. This allows them to live in a wide variety of worlds and climates. This is one of the factors that has helped the race's success.
 The La R'rethiss worlds are compatible  with humans physiology. The La R'rethiss tend to prefer a lighter gravity then most humans. 

The La R'rethiss's history has always been one along side humans. They move from world to world working for a wide variety of warlords and masters. Some have improved the race's technological distinctiveness. They have a tendency to favor projectile weapons and are especially good with primitive weapons.
They engage in brutal tribal warfare even on a galactic scale and chemical markers as well as tribal distinction mark both honor and ranks among them.
Only the strong dominate the weak. They are a savage and brutal race often taking slaves from many parsecs away from their worlds. 
Violence and good nature behavior seem to go hand in hand with this race. They have surprisingly tight family ties to one another and tribes seem to mirror certain alligator families on Earth. While they may fawn or prattle to their employers this is often a running joke with the race. They will be employed only as long as coin is flowing their way. They are willing to sacrifice clutch brothers for a cause or in warfare but waste is not tolerated. They are often a relentless foe. The honor of the hunt is part of their tribal culture. 

They are brutal mercenaries with little mercy for their foes. The La R'rethiss neither ask nor give any quarter. They are implacable foes who often dog quarry for light years.The La R'rethiss often show up unexpectedly and at the most inopportune times.
 They are not to be under estimated. And are quite good with technology level four projectile weapons and space craft. There is no truth to the rumors of tribes of these creatures worshiping Yig The Father of Serpents.  


  1. Cool. What are these guys from?

  2. Thanks for the comment and please see new blog entry! :-)
    They're originally from "Archer Fugitive From The Empire" a movie that I love! I kept wishing that the pilot was picked up by NBC. But some of the crew went on to other things.
    The make up artist went on to do the Men In Black series.
    Some of the writers when on to work on the Buck Rogers television show and well the rest is history. If anyone is interested in a work of the 'Heart Bow' for OD&D let me know.


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