Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign- 1d10 Random "Vintage" Cargo Finds


Not everything is going to be found packed in suspension, in great shape, and ready to sell to a collector or repo man in those wretch hives of scum and villainy. 
There is a 30% chance of every time you open the cargo hold that some items aren't going to be in fantastic shape. 
 Here's a list of minor items that won't disrupt game balance but might not be worth as much as PC's think. 

1d10 Random Aged Cargo Finds
  1. 1d4 3 ton shuttle hulls pitted and carbon scored from lots of use. They're not in the best of shape but with a bit of work they might be worth a hundred credits to a collector or someone doing a restore on a vintage shuttle. 
  2. Particle accelerator with most of the hard ware intact.  Worth about two hundred credits on the open market. There's some wear marks on the outer casing but otherwise she'll run. 
  3.  Minor star ship weapons systems over two hundred years out of date but still good for meteor or asteroid defenses. 
  4. A ten ton early warning system about twenty years out of service. With some work it could be used as a decent computer array system. 
  5. Three tons of food stuffs and sundries still in packaging. Actually infected with slimes and a variety of the Connobus plague. Worth about five hundred credits to the bio weapons division of some major corporate interests. 
  6. Three tons of out moded computer equipment that will jump start a level two technological society. To all others mostly worthless junk but there are three minor A.I familiars among the junk. 
  7. Three Spike Drives that have issues with their destination and dimensional controls. They open doorways to dimensions of darkness and pure chaos. The drives are more then worthless they're dangerous. However to a cult or some other infernal organization they're priceless. There is cult that has been seeking them for ages. 
  8. A small portable nuclear reactor unit ready to go with the flip of a switch. The unit works like a charm. Its a bit to efficient however and could cause problems as collectors via for the unit. The 'Little Atom Men' units were only produced for a limited time. The market is very specialized for these and you are going to have to find the right buyer. 
  9. A collection of alien pron which seems mostly worthless but to the right collector is worth two thousand credits. To a low level technological two society these would spark a bio engineering revolution. They could cause several interstellar espionage agencies to come after the party. 
  10. A small matter/antimatter vintage generator that is being sought by a galactic combine that wants this item back. The item is also being hunted down by a inter stellar cult who worship the thing. 

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