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Peter Schweighofer's 'The Labyrinth of Set' Free PDF Adventure Review And Commentary

'The Labyrinth of Set' is a pay what you want adventure and introduction set to the Pulp Egypt game from Griffon Publishing  Studios. This is a tight two page adventure that introduces the over architecture of the game.
According to the DriveThrurpg entry: 
'Our heroes awaken on ancient stone embalming tables in nothing but their bedclothes; they’re captives inside the lair of the insidious Cult of Set! They must use all their ingenuity and courage to explore and escape the labyrinth, upsetting the cult’s diabolical schemes along the way.
This free/pay-what-you-want scenario by Peter Schweighofer offers a brief taste of adventuring in the Pulp Egypt setting. The system-neutral dungeon crawl also well-suited for almost any setting in which kidnapped characters must escape from a subterranean headquarters before the evil cultists sacrifice them to their foul chaos god.'
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In two pages the author gives us exactly what it advertises on the package. An overview and adventure of his world. This is the world of a slightly different pulpastic world where evil is present and adventure is right around the corner in the offering.
The pacing is tight and the opposition for the party isn't bad but there's room for expansion so the DM can really customize the adventure the way he wants. Its a well done effort and with some work might be blown into an full introductory adventure. Its well thought out and for only two pages offers lots of hooks for a clever DM to grab the PCs by the throat and really throw them into the deep end. 
The adventure might be better as a horror pulp setting adventure then anything else. Yet there is room if the DM wants to put some time into this to expand it. 
The author uses the adventure as a sort of extended commercial for his own game and that's not a bad thing. The themes of the game run through the adventure quite clearly and concisely. At only two pages this is a well done. 

Using 'The Labyrinth of Set'  As A Science Fantasy Opera Adventure 

 Reading through this adventure I struck by the feeling of watching an episode of Battle Star Galactica the original series. This adventure could be remade into a science fantasy adventure with little prep work. The ideas presented within the bounds of the  adventure could be remade into an entire night's entertainment for a group of players craving a 1970's television science fiction theme. 

I'm thinking of the Frank Frezetta's  Battle Star Galactica advertisement pieces. They echo with the ages of offering the type of pulpy space opera that this adventure brings to mind. Evil Cults, fantastic Egyptian locations, good solid writing, yes this is a perfect set piece adventure to serve as a central part of the introduction to a space opera. 
This adventure hits all of the high notes for me as both Pulp horror adventure and as a possible tool kit for modification into a complete introductory adventure.
4 stars out of 5. 

The artwork is used without permission and all images belong to their respective copyright holders. The adventure and artwork inspire a certain fire within. They are used only for entertainment purposes only.
 Please remember to pay the writer something. These adventures are 'free' only so long as they get paid something for their efforts.
Thank you. 


  1. It would be interesting to have some PC classes from differing "tribes of Kobol". The psy-priests are from Earth, the Viper pilots from Caprica, etc...threaded by the show's use of Egyptian styles.

  2. I think that you might be onto something there Lee. The idea of classes from the various worlds of the Twelve Colonies. In the novelization for the telefilm, several Colonies were mentioned: Virgon, Sagitara, Caprica, Scorpia, Taura, Piscera and Gemini.
    In the 1978 series, the Colonies were very obviously set in a binary star system, and there was a distinction between "Inner" and "Outer" colonies.[citation needed] "Inner" colonies orbited the primary star in the system, and "Outer" colonies orbited the other one; both stars appear identical in the TV series. The inner colonies - including Virgon, Sagitaria and Caprica - were attacked first. By the time the Galactica arived, the Cylons were already launching their first wave against the outer colonies.
    According to the Wiki entry Cancer had a pretty interesting background.
    "Given the name's negative connotations, the word "Cancer" was rarely spoken, or even shown on-screen, as a colony name. (Some fan-fiction[which?] accuses that particular colony of having been a center of all manner of vice and crime.)"
    Given the original 1978 series it follows pretty close to the thread you've established Lee. There's more information on wiki right here.
    Thanks for the comment and more coming up.


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