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High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure - Summer of Sin! Return To The Nazi Mega-Dungeon Moonbases


'Scrabble an Archangel recovery unit! There have been Vril spikes of energy upon the moon! The three Easter eggs have hatched! This is the Adirondack  facility! Dispatch the angels. The sealed vaults have become active!'
Perhaps its the dark times we live in or the alignment of the stars. But recently just last week the Nazi bases on the moon have become active! Sealed in 1958 and not heard from since.  These facilities have come back on line. Roxxon Oil has detected potent Vril energy spikes across the board. Who or what is creating them? Details about those bases right over HERE
Details on the Black Guard Units of Roxxon Oil right HERE

Dormant since 1958, there are three bases upon the face of the moon and within it. They have been sealed since the survivors left for Carcosa. Something happened and now perhaps with the Summer of  Sin happening the Vril energies stir once again! 
Vault 668 
Something ancient and twisted awakens upon the moon. The nazi found the remains of a civilzation based upon the journals of Dr.Cavor. They found an extinct society of insect men. The lunar surface concealed many secrets of the Old Ones. The Nazi built their bases and conducted many experiments during the fifties at the height of the Weird Science Wars.
But something happened. 

They carried out many experiments connected with both Cthulhu and his spawn.  They contacted Nythaletep and dealt with his children. 
The bell was constructed in 1955 using a hybrid of weird science and forbidden 'Black Sun' technology. Some of this was from Carcosa and beyond.
Once the bell was activated, time and space split asunder and something was let loose that echoed for all eternity.
The halls of these place remain silent and its former occupants locked the doors and threw away the keys. 
Never to return until now! 

Among The Seas of Dust And Ruin 

So who knows what secrets are hidden away in the seas of the dust of the moon. What treasures or weird occult sciences await the fools ermm adventures upon the Moon? 

Random Lunar Lovecraftian Encounters table 1d10 
  1. 1d10 undead Selenite warriors 3 hit points each, AC 7, Damage 1d4 claws 
  2. Nazi warriors undead Hit points 3, AC 9 Damage 1d4 30% chance of zombie rot
  3. Lunar Cows HP 8 AC 7 Damage 1d6 able to chew through most anything. 
  4. Alien Ghosts held in stasis fields tortured for their secrets. The fields are weak and they cry out for vengeance against the living
  5. Nazi soldier cybernectic - Immortal undead 3rd level soldiers still guarding forgotten treasures. They attack anything to relieve thier boredom 
  6. Alien human wights hybrids HP 3 AC 8 Damage 1d6 per hit. They hunger for the flesh of the living 
  7. Nazi cyber spider bots 1d4 Hit points 8 AC 7 Damage 1d6 Mini missiles range 40 yards. 1d4 claws. Utterly insane and remorseless killers hunting the hallways in certain spots. 
  8. Former sacrifices now zombie predators slow - HP 1 AC9 Damage 1d3 
  9. Tortured Colonists ghosts going through the motions of living. Mostly harmless 10% chance of attacking the living. 
  10. Spawn of the Old Ones locked and bound here. AC 8 HP 10 1d8 tendrils, regenerates as troll 
The Observer's House 

This strange unearthly ruin holds many strange holo chambers, stellar scopes, and vast alien computer equipment. The place looks as if it suffered an attack during the 40's and never recovered. There have been extensive computer records recovered from this place. A giant undead giant thing haunts this place and rumors abound about its terrible vengeance against adventurers. 

Vault 554

Once the site of a thriving alien civilization. This alien city has many hidden halls and weird tunnels running through this crater locked location. There are rumors of encounters with flabby white slippery things that haunt the dark spaces of this city. The ruins hold at least 30 or more levels.

 Site 334 

 This site was the home of a hybrid race of centaur like beings who have long ago turned to dust. These ruins still seem to echo with their ghosts and seem to be haunted by a wide variety of alien undead.
The place however holds many rich treasures of alien technology and extensive tunnel systems built for non human beings. The nazi parties only made the briefest of surveys here as their parties kept disappearing amid the ruins. 

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