Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign - Fourth of July Actual Play - Rumble At Fuel Station #23 Part II


The PC's dealt with the storms, the fuel station AI, And got exactly what they needed from Fuel Station #23. They weren't happy about dealing with the relics left behind aboard the station by the Mi Go Hive Fleets.

The station was crawling with Mi Go "Enhanced" Combat Bots, They made their way across the structure of the automated station and caused the party some issues when they learned that the bio drive brain units of the Black Widows were once human! 
This was a case of get your gas and go!  The Red Marauder saucers only added punctuation to the whole incident and characters were forced to flee as quick as they could. After an extend stay in hyper sleep the crew ended up near  a once great interstellat battle field. The PC's picked up salvaging work taking apart a capital class battle ship used in the 'Extinction wars.' 

Once aboard they found that the wreck was a part of an asteroid. The entire bridge, couple of decks, and much of the hull had been cut apart by Mi Go particle beam weapons! There were a few systems worth salvaging like the lighting mantle, the nav. computer systems, and two of the engines. There were also several rooms sealed off  where suit chewers were lurking.
They came across a Mi Go Brigand class light assault mech with its bio drives in tact but the human brain that was the heart and soul of the thing was completely gone. They got a star chart, some raw data, and the thing's log with complete descriptions of some of the Mi Go's weapon systems.
The phraint were more then happy to share dry dock space with the PC's ship in exchange for some of the data recovered by the PC's.

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