Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review and Commentary on Zombie Shark By Steve Sullivan


Its Shark Week On Cable and it might as well be a national holiday!  When a friend suggested this one, I jumped right in hook,line, and sinker.  
The Plot According To Drivethrufiction: 
"Drowning the warlock didn’t end things … It only started the terror!
Lovers Nissa and Arzu are running for their lives to escape a warlock’s revenge.  The trouble is, Scaletown doesn’t have many places to hide.  Worse, the floating village is uniquely vulnerable to the ravages of an undead megalodon.
Zombie Shark is a rip-roaring summer read--and suitable to heat up cold winter nights as well.  You’ll be hooked from the first line!'
Zombie Shark is a fast, entertaining, and interesting read. This is pure pulptastic fantasy entertainment with plenty of action in the 1.59 meg bits of action. I would have preferred a whole book in my hands but I'm very old fashioned that way. 
 Steve Sullivan doesn't play games with the book. He gets you head long into the world of the Blue Kingdoms and by the time your done the novella is quickly over. 
This book might well be nicely developed into a 'sci fy' Saturday afternoon flick but there is a slight difference here. There's a bit more here then what your going to find in many of their movies. 
The fact is even if this is a novella there's some potential here for a expansion and interaction into something greater. I know Mr.Sullivan's work and this was an afternoon exercise in entertainment for him. Which is fine because this is exactly what this book is. 
An entertaining afternoon romp through the world of 'Blue Kingdoms'.
Three Stars out of Four for fun and a quick read

Gaming in The Blue Kingdoms 

 This isn't Steve's first dive into the 'Blue Kingdoms' and the world is pretty much your standard OD&D world with a few twists. Magic is a bit left of center. The relationships are a bit too modern. There's enough here to copy the plot and add to it for an evenings entertainment for a dungeon master.
megalodon  here has max hit points, low intelligence, and a really nasty disposition. Most of this might be due to the necromantic magic employed in its creation!
This was playing through my head the whole time I read this last night! 

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