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Review and Commentary On The 'Free' Theorems & Thaumaturgy (PDF) By Gavin Norman For Your Old School OSR Campaign

Theorems & Thaumaturgy
Get it right over HERE but your better off buying a copy. 
Just saying. 

 If you haven't seen Theorems and Thamaturgy this is a must have. There is a bus load of OSR material that just screams to work its way into your games. Here's what you get. 

Theorems & Thaumaturgy

Advanced arcana for the discerning magic-user. 
  • Nearly 250 new spells for Labyrinth Lord campaigns...(and other old-school adventure games) 
  • Three new magic-user classes with complete spell lists...the Necromancer, Elementalist and Vivimancer 
  • Fey themed Elf class and race... to add some otherworldy atmosphere 
  • Expanded Illusionist spell list... with spells all the way up to 9th level 
  • Nine arcane tomes... ready to be placed as treasure in a campaign 
  • New elementals, dimensional horrors and other monsters... and the spells to summon them 
  • New magic items... including items of necromantic power
  • Illustrated by Cadanse D and Kelvin Green 
  • 100% Open Game Content!

    Theorems & Thaumaturgy (PDF) 
    By Gavin Norman is a solid sixty six pages of sheer old school awesomeness. The author charts out some of the best scorcery and magic to grace the pages of an OSR product. This book is richly illustrated and well thought out. The author does an excellent job of filling in some of the gaps that are seen in the Vancian magic of may of the retroclones currently on the market. This is a quick, easy, and well laid out product. The type of book that you can grab and go. This book is geared toward both the player and the dungeon master. 

    The book takes its audience back to a time when Dragon magazine filled in the gaps and a sense of fun was to be had. Those days are now and this book makes an excellent DYI magic book to help you out.
    The ideas here allow the usual tropes to be used in a way more in line with fairy tale and myth then Tolkein. That's right up my alley. The necomancer is especially well done in this book and makes a great addition to a campaign.
    With frightening easy this a book that can slide into a OSR game and greatly expands the options for both long term campaign play and a magic intensive game.
    The ideas here are very well thought out and Gavin Norman continues to play the OSR game design like a pro.
     This book is no exception. I opted for the soft cover version of the book and enjoyed this book 

    The Space Fantasy Option
    Theorems & Thaumaturgy (PDF)
    Many of the options presented in this book could easily be adapted into a Mutant Future game with little issue. The Elementalist and Vivimancer both quickly come to mind as useful for rebuilding  & terraforming a post apocalyptic world. 
     The dimensional horrors and other monsters would be right at home upon Carcosa or the like. 
    The book expands some of the options for inter dimensional traveling and magic intensive campaigns where the options of necomatic magic could have world shattering effects. 

    Along the same lines you might want to download the author's Cosmic Sacrifice Table which I found immensely useful in game play lately. 
    • Cosmic Sacrifices Table

      • All in all the feel of the Fey Elves and many of the other classes had a weird fairy tale or other worldly quality making this a very easy old school book to enjoy. As always your miliage may vary. 

You can find a boatload of other useful tables, charts, and OSR materials at Gavin Norman's blog right over


  1. Hey thanks for he review! Glad you like the book :)

    I'm currently working on a sequel of sorts: "The Complete Vivimancer", which contains a greatly expanded version of that class, plus loads of vivimantic magic items.

  2. Its a really nice book and your welcome for the review.
    I'd love to see an expanded "Vivimancer" book when your done. "The Complete Vivimancer" sounds very exciting and I can't wait to see what this brings to the OSR table.

  3. I have added this book to the very small list of resources for my 2014 Mystara game.
    * Labyrinth Lord core rules (Goblinoid Games 2009 Revised Edition).
    * Labyrinth Lord Advanced Companion (Goblinoid Games 2010).
    * Theorems & Thaumaturgy (Necrotic Gnome Productions 2013).

  4. Sounds like a very selective and good quality list to be sure. And be sure to check out the other book in Gavin Norman's OSR arsenal "The Complete Vivimancer". I should have a review coming up.


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