Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beards And Beers Old School Dwarven Rpg !

Aos of the Metal Earth Blog whose art work I already dig has jumped on the bandwagon of   producing a new old school rpg called Beards and Beer with Jack Shear of Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonsque blog. This is after a whole bunch of folks got hosed by the Axes and Anvils Kickstarter. I'm not going into a lot of the details of that debacle but you have my deepest regrets if you backed it.
The details of Jack's Beards and Beer rpg  can be found right over
Aos has been posting a ton of artwork and lore related to the project that feels more  HobbitThe Elfin Ship and Dark Crystal than LoTR.
 This is simply fine with me. Also Gnolls vs Dwarves is always a winning combination in my book. 
The series of posts actually reveals quite a bit of the rpg production process and gives a tiny glimpse of what goes on when making an rpg. This is one of the reasons why I'm paying attention to this little project. The whole thing feels very old school DYI to me and that fires up my imagination. 
Do yourselves a favor and check out AOS's posts on this project and the awesome old school artwork that he's doing right over

All artwork is copyrighted and trademarked to their owners. Beards and Beer is trade marked and copy righted as well. No attempt is being made to infringe on the owners trade marks. This post is for entertainment purposes only. 


  1. It's probably more correct to say that Aos is taking my stupid off the cuff random tables and actually making it into something awesome. He's doing excellent work; those maps are ridiculously good.

  2. I think your both doing a ridiculous good job with this. I however dig his art and its incredible how quickly he's getting those maps done. I'm not even begun to tear into your stuff Jack! I've got a whole bunch of stuff coming up on the Dark Corner on The World Between soon though. Thanks for the comment and I'll get you as well your little rpg! Just you wait!

  3. Haha, thanks for the kind words. I think I have one more map to go, but I am keying everything done now, before I draw it, and I need to finish writing my dwarf lore stuff.

  4. Well get going man! Those dwarves are waiting and the players are getting ready with their dice!
    Kidding, but thanks for putting this together guys! It looks really awesome! Can't wait to see it. The artwork is really nice! Great maps as well!


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