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Review and Commentary On Old-School Gazette #2 From Expeditious Retreat Press Free OSR PDF

From the depths of 2006 comes The Old School Gazette issue #2!
You can get this right over
According to the description from Drivethrurpg - 'The Old-School Gazette is a periodically released short PDF supplement line. Each issue of the Gazette will be approximately 5 pages long and contains information suitable for OSRIC compatible gaming. Monsters, magic items, spells, and unique campaign details will be featured in the Gazette.'

 What you get in the mix here - '
This Old-School Gazette gives you all the statistics you need to pit black skeletons, bone sovereigns, dark voyeurs, and inscribers against your players. Also, there are 4 new magic items associated with these enemies. So enjoy the second Old-School Gazette and look forward to many more! Issue 3 of the Old-School Gazette will contain information on spellbooks along with 8 new spellbook security spells.

 Using The Old School Gazette
Each of the monsters in the this little periodical are backed up with a monster to go with it. A very simple idea that weaves its way back and forth within the text. Used correctly and this formula can be applied to any number of fantasy creations!
The idea here being that magic not only creates and warps the creature but they create bonds between both of them. This very idea is also present in many science fiction or science fantasy movies as well. This isn't a new idea but its an idea that is very easily incorporated into adventures for added substance.
The monsters presented here are clever and dangerous 
pit black skeletons, bone sovereigns, dark voyeurs, and inscribers against your players. Each of these nasties could easily be slipped into a space based game with little or no problem and no one would be the wiser. In fact the monsters almost have a 'dark side of the force' thing going on already. This is something I noticed about many old school monsters from both OD&D and AD&D 1st edition monster manuals. 
These monsters could also be slipped into a horror based campaign for added nastiness and depth. 
All in all this is a very cool old school addition to the OSR Dungeon Master's library! 

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