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Spells Of The Nameless One From Darklon The Mystic

The Nameless One is a god of chaos, destruction, demons, magic & change. His army of demonic mutant cultists infected thousands of worlds & mankind's sanity ran like candle wax. The worlds within his grasp seemed without limit & the opportunities were limitless. Then came the warriors of Darkhold of Nebularia & one by one those worlds along with his army of demons were pushed back as the shining torch of super science banished the monster god of magic back to his own world.
Where even now he waits & watches for the power hungry,the foolish, & the impatient in the ways of magic. Those who tread this dark god's path do so at their peril for his way is one of mutation, demonic power, & the most vile of magics.
Each time a caster uses 1d4 of the Nameless One's spells a mutation check must be made. Those who fail will gain a minor demonic mutation. Casting a major invoking will involve a major mutation check & a sanity check as well. 

 Some Spells Of The Nameless One

  1. Circle of Forbidden Knowledge -
    Spell Level: 1
    Range : Self
    Duration: 1d20 hours
    The caster draws a mandela of chaos & forbidden geometries  with his own blood & the glowing fungus from the caves of Nebularia itself. The caster then concentrates on the 4 million names of chaos & the spawn of the alien hells themselves. The caster is filled with the "unclear power" of the Nameless One & those who have come before him.
    The caster will have access to the forbidden secrets of those within 1d10 miles of himself. Any wounds or ill health the caster is suffering from will be healed. These will be minor wounds & not of a major nature.
    The caster may read 1d4 ancient alien tongue after the effects of the circle have faded from reality. The caster may not converse in common but with the tongues of forbidden extinct peoples! Though he may understand those around him as if in dream of power. Upon the caster's forehead will be a small glowing circle, the seal of the Nameless One when the spell is in effect for all to see. 
  2. Channel The Terror 
    Spell Level: 2
    Range: 250 ft
    Duration:1d3 combat turns
    The caster draws down the "unclear power" within the fragile vessel of the human soul & for a time is filled with the rage & power of the Nameless One. A sanity check is needed as the power seeks to escape from the frail flesh of the caster. Anything that it hits crawls with the weird eldrith power of the Old Gods themselves. Anything hit takes 1d3 points of damage & must pass a mutation check! The flesh will run like wax when this power takes the target unless a save vs wands is made!
  3. Pathos Of Insanity 
    Spell Level: 3
    Range: 300 ft
    Duration:1d6 rounds
    The caster invokes a sanity shattering word from the lips of the forbidden god's mind. The target must save vs death or spend the next 1d6 rounds reliving his life in time sideways as he relives all of his incarnations from every alternative universe at the same time. The effect is very disorienting & chaotic to say the least. After the effects have passed all skills will be at -1 for 1d3 rounds. 
  4. Blast Of  "Unclear Power" 
    Spell Level: 3
    Range : 400 ft
    Duration: 1d4 rounds
    The caster channels the very power of the Nameless One through their body in a cancerous blast of raw untamed energy that runs wild over its target changing cells, organs, etc as it goes. The power does 1d4 points of damage as it causes these changes to the target unless save vs death is made. Even then the target takes half the damage. 
  5. Mantle Of The Demon Slave 
    Spell Level: 4
    Range: Self
    Duration: 1d6 rounds
    The caster calls down upon himself the demonic essence of the Nameless One & gains 1d4 demonic characteristics. These will allow the caster to go into the court of the god without being attacked or harried by the unholy servants of the Nameless One. There is a 45% chance that each time the caster uses this spell he will become  a demonic mutant with his characteristics reduced by 1 point each & their strength & dexterity increased by 2 or more points. The creature is subject to the will of the Nameless One 
  6. Celebration of The Nameless 
    Spell Level: 5
    Range: 2000 square foot space
    Duration 1d20 hours or permanent
    The caster holds an orgy of the most decadence type. The participants go about their congress but at the stroke of the hour of the damned they are joined together! They are  as 1d20 hit point rolling demonic flesh spawn of the worst type able to claw for 1d4 points of damage & spew acidic bile in a 50 yard radius for 1d8 points of damage. There is a 60% of the Nameless One noticing each time this spell/ ritual is cast. At its whim the monster may cause this monster to become an addition in his arsenal of hate & depravity. The more depraved the party/ball before this spell is cast the more powerful the monster's creation! 
  7. Devil's Dance Of Fate 
    Spell Level:6
    Range: universe
    Duration: Until The Journey's End
    The caster is able to invoke the 32 names of the Nameless One & journey through the infinite wastes of planar space to their destination on other worlds. The caster however is acting as an envoy & herald for the power of the Nameless One.  His teleporation to their destination only allows a pin prick view into the new universe for the hosts of the Nameless One. At his bidding the Nameless One may send his forces in to collect & conquer this new plane. 
  8. Darklore's Destination Of Darkness Spell Level: 3
    Range: 3 light years
    Duration: 1d4 rounds
    The caster uses the power of the Nameless One to search between the stars for space craft or vessels within a 1d4 light years of the caster. This is often done before an interstellar battle or when the forces of the Nameless One are upon the march to an enemy. 
  9. Unclear Healing Of Darkness 
    Spell Level: 4
    Range: 20 foot
    Duration: see below
    The caster calls down the "unclear powers" to heal the damage made to a friend or foe. The power rips through the body making whole what was rended & torn by battle, injury, etc. This spell will heal 1d8 points of damage but the areas healed will be twisted, ugly, & slightly demonic looking. Those healed this way will carry the mark of the Nameless upon their person for the rest of their unnatural lives.
  10. Call & Consume The World Spell Level: 6
    Range: World Wide
    Duration: See below
    The priest mages of the Nameless One once used this spell to call the demonic god of darkness when a world was ready to be consumed by the ancient power! The skies would blacken, chaos, death, & the demonic hordes would rampage & the final blows were called upon. This spell calls his presence to the world & makes it ready for the demon god's consumption!
    Those who use this spell gain a weird serial immortality as they're lives are extended 1d30 centuries at the end of which they must use this spell once again. So they are effectively immortal as long as their ancient god feeds & feeds well 


  1. These are great Darklon-inspired spells!

  2. Thannks & there's more Warrenverse inspired lunacy to come! Soon!


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