Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leif Ericson Campaign Secret Revealing Random Encounters 1d10 Table

Secret Revealing Random Encounters 1d10 Table
  1. A weird colored cloud beyond time & space awaits the crew to send them back to the time of the Great Race Of Yith 
  2. The Characters encounter a Tauran clan that worships & serves the great Old Ones & they are looking for sacrifices 
  3. A wizard (7 level) ala Thunddar The Barbarian is looking for star ship crews to sell & serve him as slaves aboard his 400 ton war vessel. 
  4. Carcosa Rising - The PC's come across a generation ship driven by a nuclear drive. Aboard are the 13 Carcosa races on their way to home in another star system. Various mythos monsters tend the ship. 
  5. A clan of Galactic Isolationists(Think Herculoids) is looking for a champion or party to help them with a local planetary problem. 
  6. A champion of the Elder God's ship is in grave trouble with a black hole will you help. He has 1d4 Pretech artifacts available as a reward 
  7. A party of Mythos races has raided a planet for sacrifices & have left behind 1d6 occult tech items to cause mayhem & misery among the normal races. Can you clean up the mess left behind? 
  8. A planet has been destroyed 1d4 raider ships lay in wait for a party to investigate. They are armed & looking for sacrifices.. These raiders  are actually Sarmak looking for revenge against any Federation or Star Command forces they find.
  9. A party of 1d10 Elder Things is looking for experiment biological specimens. They move about in a bio organic technological star ship. There is a 10 hit point shaggoth with them.. 
  10. A  Mi Go experimental group(1d4) has a colony ship of humans within its grasp.. They are using a series of weird bio organic controls & chambers  on the outside of ship to control the course, destination, & biology of the crew. The colonists will reward the rescuers with 1d4 artifacts of the Mi Go worth 300 gold pieces each. 

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