Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mutated Empire - Quest For The Counter Earth - A Few Quick Notes & Actual Play

Here are some quick notes since the last Mutated Empires one shot - 
  1. The Characters are going to be racing through both the experience points from the Mutated Empires one shot. That 7 million credits that they earned going adventuring within the Celestials ship is going to go for the upkeep & maintenance of their own flying saucer, the care of their wounded, & the reequipping of the party. They're going to be forced to take another job 
  2. The Deviants of  Lemuria are aware of them after getting a single from one of their own pieces of equipment that has been missing for 300 years 
  3. This is an alternative Earth of the Nightlands with all sorts of weird Lovecraftian beasts & tribes running amok outside the walls of the mega city that used to be New York. Now itself a decedent & strangely twisted maze of weird urban decay tunnels & alien human hybrids living in the shadows. 
  4. There quite a number of religious power blocks that have sprung up across this world in the form of cults. Some good, some well meaning, & some plugged into the bat sh&t crazy stuff going on outside the walls of the city itself. .
    One of these cults is the Children Of The Evolved a gene locked group of pure strain humans who are the humanoid descendants of the High Evolutionary's followers from back in the 60s. They consider themselves the only truly human beings around. They use some nano technology  & artifacts from their former master to bridge the gap with mutants, aliens, & worse. They also have a hidden agenda for the party as well. 
  5. The clock is running on the Earth during this time when the stars are right. There are all sorts of weird signs within the planetary alignments, the rise of psychic & magic powers. The fact is that all of these have destabilized the economy, the powers that be, politics, & human infrastructure across the board. The very definition of what it means to be human is in doubt. This has let to a shaky period of decline within the Human Empire of Space itself.
  6. The old Lovecraft races are returning. The Mi Go, The Deep Ones, The Elder Things, along with some new ones & all of them are looking at mankind as a resource to be explored & exploited.. There is also the threat of the Watchers from the Nightlands. Several characters got a glimpse of them during the one shot & boy they weren't happy. 
  7. They're lots of folks with powers being born & they are already integrated into society. Folks are really polite along with the rise of insanity within folks. This is not a time for super heroes, they're long past. This is a time of heroes though. That's the characters 
  8. I'm using lots of UFO, Ancient Astronauts, & comic book Mythology namely that of Jack Kirby along with a smattering of other writers & artists.. 
  9. I've been informed that I've got 10 players this week which means that I've going to run these as convention sets. They'll be big, loud, fast, violent, one shot adventures. 
  10. There's a great none gaming article about some of the speculations of Kirby's physiology right Here
  11. I'll be pulling together some original creations of my own including equipment, weapons, monsters, races etc. These will go up a bit at a time in the next couple of days. Thanks 

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