Thursday, June 7, 2012

1d10 Random Cosmic Artifacts From Beyond The Outer Darkness For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Random Cosmic Artifacts From Beyond The Outer Darkness 
  1. A Golden Plate containing  Babylonian glyphs that gives an overview of the human genome with 23 different varieties of human models available. Adds +2 to all wisdom & intelligence rolls regarding medicine, genetics, or  the creation of artificial life. There is a slight trace of cosmic radiation on the plate each time it is exposed to star or sun light. 7,000 gold pieces 
  2. A Fragment of a Battle Station 3  miles across containing a ruined energy cannon & the technical & engineering sections of the weapon. A compete working model can  be constructed using local technology within 4 months. The total output of the cannon can cause 1d20X100 to the surrounding countryside. There glyphs dedicated to the Outer Gods written across the barrel of the weapon.. The sounds of  million souls all crying out at once can be heard each time this weapon fires, Worth 8,000 gold pieces 
  3. A mirror 8 foot high containing the undead  souls of a ruined world which sails around a dead sun. Each time the item is seen there is a 40% of a random damned soul escaping. These souls will have the qualities of a wraith with destructive power of a balrog. The mirror is a prostitute & will promise anything but deliver only death & madness.8,000 gold pieces 
  4. A multifaceted gem that contains the soul of a Lovecraftian Mythos creature. This monster is determined by the DM & will serve the wielder of this gem for 1d30 days. After which upon the 30th day the monster will try to devour the person who had control of the gem. 
  5. A plate that contains a Color Out Of Space. Anyone handling the plate will take 1d4 points of damage as the alien radiations races through them, They will die within 1d4 rounds unless a save versus death is made. Those who roll to control the monster may release it for a time. The monster will easily destroy the enemies of the caster but will break free within 1d10 weeks
  6. The Crystal Fragment Of  The Ages - This cut glass like crystal shines with its own unholy glow. Those holding this piece of solidified time may take a randomly rolled 1d30 turns & freeze time around them. Anyone trying to change or rearrange victims around them will take 1d3 points of damage as the fires of time burn them. There is a 40% chance that each time this item is used that it may attract the Hounds of Tindalos 
  7. Coin of the Elder Things - This strange coin contains a simple spell that must be cast near a lake or other body of water. Within 1d4 rounds an elder thing may be summoned. However there is a 50% that each time this item is used it will call not one but 1d8 Elder Things who will come to carry off the fool who summoned them. 
  8. Liquid Essence Of The Outer Ones - This strange radioactive goo comes from the center of a meteor. The stuff will rust anything it comes in contact will. The stuff will break down the molecular levels of items that it touches doing 1d4 points damage to anything it touches. Those who handle this stuff or are exposed to it repeatedly will take 1d4 points of damage to their wisdom as their sanity is eaten away as well. It may be handled within cut quartz glasses which will hold this noxious substance 
  9. Prism of The Outer Gods - This strange prism allows light that passes through it to become twisted & unholy this allows the Outer Gods to gain a toe hold within the local time space continuum. The user may summon one Outer God with an offering totaling 20,000 gold or better. Those who serve the Outer Gods may strike Unbelievers for 1d8 points of damage as an holy ray strikes its victim. Those struck by this ray will be tormented by nightmares each night as they dream about these strange & insane gods. 
  10. A Fragment Of The Outer Gods - This writhing bit of flesh belongs to an Outer God & if left to its own devices will grow into an 8 hit point monster.. The compound eyed creep will devour ever one present within a 1/2 mile of the nasty bit of insanity made flesh, 

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