Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Ilulircaglut or Medusa's Bane For Your Old School Games

There are those victims of the chaos cults headed by the dreaded medusa priestess whose torment & living Hell has only begun. The Grur'sru are victims whose bodies have turned to stone but whose souls have been called back beyond the shroud of the Outer Darkness. These souls are bound by black rites of these cults into their stone like flesh prisons. These ghosts watch over the treasures & relics of the cult.

Photo by Bibi Saint-Pol

These beings are immortal with everything that implies, they are the bound ghosts who watch over the holdings & treasures of the cults of the Medusa. Medusa cult's wizards or necromancers use ancient rites from Mu to lock these souls inside their stone prisons. These tormented & insane souls are continually dragged back & forth between reality & the cold none existence of the Outer Darkness. Their souls begin to take on the numbing non existence of the void. While they have all of the normal attacks of a ghost ala the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea's Referee's Guide. These poor insane souls also gain an additional ability to leave deep burn like rivulet cuts in their victims in the  physical world marking their victims as afflicted by the 'Deep Curse'. Those so marked are literally the damned walking the world. The 'deep curse' is a horrid thing. Those that survive such an attack will be subject to a 'fear' spell effect & animals of two hit dice or less will flee from them. Family members & others will sense unconsciously the mark of damnation on the victim. They will shun them & turn on them within 1d4 months.  The deep curse is a lingering curse of damnation that follows any survivors of these mad things across their lives and beyond. It also marks the soul after death as prey for the ghost to feast upon. After the victim's death  their souls will be dragged deep into the Outer Darkness where their tormentors await them. Rival cults of Tsathoggua worshipers may know legendary practitioners of the dark arts able to remove the Deep Curse.
Only a witch bound to
Tsathoggua of fifth level or better will know the dread rites & secrets for removing the curse. This will involve a major magic item of no less then five thousand gold pieces or better for the curse to be removed. Some cults of Medusa worshipers use these dread guardians to extract ransoms from highly placed royalty & Hyperborean officials. Often this is done to cause chaos & pure malice something that the medusa revel & excel at.

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