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1d6 Random Super Science Relics & Treasures Table Of Ancient Atlantis From Clark Aston Smith's Poseidonis Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Down through the ages have come the relics of ancient Atlantis, objects that retain the echoes of their royal heritage & the ghosts of the past. These objects while prized have are things of a haunted but legendary past. Those adventurers that find them take  their souls into their very hands for they often upon purview of the lord of lost & haunted places.

"Above its domes the gulfs accumulate.
Far up, the sea-gales blare their bitter screed:
But here the buried waters take no heed—
Deaf, and with welded lips pressed down by weight
Of the upper ocean. Dim, interminate,
In cities over-webbed with somber weed,
Where galleons crumble and the krakens breed,
The slow tide coils through sunken court and gate.

From out the ocean's phosphor-starry dome,
A ghostly light is dubitably shed
On altars of a goddess garlanded
With blossoms of some weird and hueless vine;
And, wing├ęd, fleet, through skies beneath the foam,
Like silent birds the sea-things dart and shine."
Atlantis A poem By Clark Aston Smith

Many of these relics carry with them the ancient super science of Atlantis's fading light & will have 1d20 charges. These objects sometimes wash up on the shores of Hyperborea carried on by the gales of the Boreas winds from the fragments of 'Old Earth'. Often Nodens himself might have use for a PC who chances upon one of these fragments of Atlantis on some far flung mission of cosmic importance.
And upon dolphins' backs was balanced a vast crenelate shell wherein rode the grey and awful form of primal Nodens, Lord of the Great Abyss… Then hoary Nodens reached forth a wizened hand and helped Olney and his host into the vast shell.
—H. P. Lovecraft, "The Strange High House in the Mist"

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These artifacts are often given to adventurers for some adventure for the slaying of some legendary demon or monster that has been hunting the worshipers of the lord of  lost places. They can sometimes be as dangerous to the user as to their intended targets. There is a 20% chance of these relics of having some fatal flaw allowing only half of the charges to be used. The object may explode for 2d6 +3 points of damage to everyone within a twenty foot radius. Those who choose to go with Nodens will be whisked to some far off lost place for a grand adventure in the ancient past or the far future. There is a five percent chance of the ancient archaic god returning the PC's if the mission is successful for he is a fickle & dangerous god at best.

 "Will you not join me in Atlantis, where we will go down through streets of blue and yellow marble to the wharves of orichalch, and choose us a galley with a golden Eros for figure-head, and sails of Tyrian sendal? With mariners that knew Odysseus, and beautiful amber-breasted slaves from the mountain-vales of Lemuria, we will lift anchor for the unknown fortunate isles of the outer sea; and, sailing in the wake of an opal sunset, will lose that ancient land in the glaucous twilight, and see from our couch of ivory and satin the rising of unknown stars and perished planets. Perhaps we will not return, but will follow the tropic summer from isle to halcyon isle, across the amaranthine seas of myth and fable; we will eat the lotus, and the fruit of lands whereof Odysseus never dreamt; and drink the pallid wines of faery, grown in a vale of perpetual moonlight. I will find for you a necklace of rosy-tinted pearls, and a necklace of yellow rubies, and crown you with precious corals that have the semblance, of sanguine-coloured blossoms. We will roam in the marts of forgotten cities of jasper, and carnelian-builded ports beyond Cathay; and I will buy you a gown of peacock azure damascened with copper and gold and vermilion; and a gown of black samite with runes of orange, woven by fantastic sorcery without the touch of hands, in a dim land of spells and philtres. "
The Muse of Atlantis By Clark Ashton Smith

1d6 Random Super Science Relics
& Treasures Table Of Ancient Atlantis 

  1.  Golden Ruby Wand Of The Dawn's Light - A wand of dangerous aspect capable of doing 2d6+3 per shot has 1d20 charges and a range of thirty feet. 
  2. Glove of the Fallen Overlord - A glove of brass, bronze, and jewels woven around a web if super science metal. The glove can harness the black cold from the Outer Darkness & hurling it at a target within 20 feet. The energies crawl across their target doing 1d6 +2 per round unless the target saves vs devices. 
  3. The Gem of Nergal - A gem shot through with a fine network of weird lattices, this device will paralysis a target that fails their save vs device roll for 1d6 hours. Each day the gem must be bathed in a few drops of blood. 
  4. Wand of Black Light's Destruction  This wand harnesses the cosmic forces of destruction and can channel them towards a target within twenty feet for 2d6+4 points of damage unless the target makes a save vs wands. The black light seems crawl across its target exploding tissues, blood vessels,and flesh as it moves. 
  5. Disk of the Sun Goddess - This amulet like device pulses with the strong essence of the sun goddess and once per day can unleash a blessed blast of light to all within a thirty foot radius. Minor undead will be destroyed and flesh will take 1d4 +2 points of damage. This can be done three times per day. 
  6. Rod of the Black Destoryer - This device is made from the solidified darkness of a dead demonic star and can cause those using it 1d4 points of damage but it does 1d8 points to its target always hitting even demons and undead. The soul of the owner belongs to the black destroyer god at the end though.

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