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1d15 Random Transcomic Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

MAN HAS CONQUERED Space before. You may be sure of that. Somewhere beyond the Egyptians, in that dimness out of which come echoes of half-mythical names -- Atlantis, Mu -- somewhere back of history's first beginnings there must have been an age when mankind, like us today, built cities of steel to house its star-roving ships and knew the names of the planets in their own native tongues--heard Venus’ people call their wet world “Sha-ardol” in that soft, sweet, slurring speech and mimicked Mars’ guttural “Lakkdiz” from the harsh tongues of Mars’ dryland dwellers. You may be sure of it. Man has conquered Space before, and out of that conquest faint, faint echoes run still through a world that has forgotten the very fact of a civilization which must have been as mighty as our own. The myth of the Medusa, for instance, can never have had its roots in the soil of Earth. That tale of the snaky-haired Gorgon whose gaze turned the gazer to stone never originated about any creature that Earth nourished. And those ancient Greeks who told the story must have remembered, dimly and half believing, a tale of antiquity about some strange being from one of the outlying planets their remotest ancestors once trod.
Shambleau C.L. Moore

There are more dangers & hidden horrors that pass by us in our everyday lives then we are even remotely aware of . In the dusty streets of Mars to the winding back alleys of the colonies in Neptune's shadow there are more horrors that pass by us. There are beings with weird natures older then time that are carrying on centuries old agendas.

The streets of the Old Solar system colonies are filled with alien refugees & strange beings from across the planes. Some of these are dangerous trans-cosmic beings with weird & sinister agenda of a nature completely inimical agenda.
Many of these beings float across the 'Old Solar' system as insects across the face of a pond. They go where & when the solar winds take them. Saturian drug king pins sit in the darkness of Martian taverns from Plutonian pimps selling the finest in slaved VR A.I.'s. Meanwhile in a quiet corner an agent of the Elder Things is quietly brokering a deal for alien biological cargoes.

Adventurers will soon realize that there are far greater beings out in the blackness of space then they are even remotely aware of. There are trans cosmic beings who wear the cloak of  flesh but carry out missions for both themselves & for  far greater beings some call demons while others call them gods. This is about their agents right now they are searching for your PC's.

1d15 Random Transcomic Encounters Table
  1. Here a gang of 1d10 Plutonian colonists is hovering watching the crowds on the streets. They are actually R'e a hive mind from twelve dimensions away in search of human flesh for their master. They are a powerful telepathic mentalist capable of blasting a human mind to nothing. Yet they are slaves to a far more sinister alien wizard godling. 
  2. Three Elder Things in humanoid guises are waging a shadow war across time & space with a pair of Yithian agents in the guise of inner solar space pirates. They care little to nothing about whom they murder in pursue of their goal. 
  3. A Martian mutant space pirate with delusions of grandeur is actually a host for a Rellian mind slug named Chris looking for his lost love. He is on a mission to collect twenty one humanoid minds from the local space time continuum. But his love is actually a double agent working for an extinct interstellar empire half a billion years dead. 
  4. A'erus - Saturian drug lord who is harvesting the brains of humans and near humans for the chemicals for a synthetic/organic drug called Ell worth thousands of gold pieces. He is sinister and very dangerous. A 5th level fighter and quick with an energy pistol but is working for a cult of Narthaloper a particularly vile form of Nyarlathotep. 
  5. Bruris is a Deep One cult agent out of the straits of Neptune working his Shoggoth tissue weapons trade for his masters. He is also kidnapping human males & females for breeding experiments. 
  6. Hreus The Shadow King is/was a human caught in a teleportation accident that has become an organic trio of beings that works for a heinous aspect of Nyarlathotep hunting the minds of near humans for some unknown purposes. He has all of the abilities of a B/X D&D shadow but there are 1d4 of him at anyone time able to carry out separate actions. 
  7. A set of nine Plutonian drug lords working for the Mi Go securing the brains of super scientists for unknown purposes. They are armed with laser guns and blasters for violent encounters. Very dangerous beings in the short term with hair triggers and a strong telepathic bond. 
  8. 1d4 Martian Yetis working for a transcendent black lama with a black magick  agenda for any tourists they run across. 
  9. A shoggoth wearing typical Panamanian shirted human suit named Bruce. He seems bored but is a spy selling his services to the highest bidder but working his own angles. 
  10. A Mercurian Hyperborean scientist wearing a bio suit with lots of biological attachments on it selling medical supplies and her services. She experiments from time to time on her patients. 
  11. 1d20 Martian engineering dwarves selling their services that work for a fire elemental lord & his Effreet Lady. They are purchasing the souls of humans for a project and magic item of a horrid nature. 
  12. Qrrous Row - Jupiterian brain & soul smuggler selling his services & black magick powers while collecting the spines of certain individuals with alien rhyme and reason. He is armed with a blaster & is a 6 th level black occultist. 
  13. Trus Venusian thief & assassin killing humans for some black purpose. He targets men with blue eyes and keeps the eyes after each murder. Loves knives and darkness for his crimes. Working for 'Fly The Light' through a magick gem. 
  14. Snee Con A Deep One black Sorcerer with a shoggoth familiar working on securing 'the waters of humans' a strange alien agenda of this 7th level wizard. He steals the waters and souls of his victims for some unknown purpose. 
  15. Tigurs Ru - A Yithian in the body of a Red Martian hunting down a particular human within whose mind is a critical Yithian library.  A future version of Tigurs Ru hid the alien database within the human monkey's mind but doesn't know why. A past doppelganger of Tigurs Ru wants him to find this being and kill him. Could one of your PC's have the alien database within their mind? Sure they could!

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