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Tegel Manor By Judge's Guild Tussle - Meeting & Actual Play Event Session Report #1&2

" The multivere's most haunted old school manor's ghosts & undead have a dire secret that could affect the course of several universes & alternative prime plane Earths! The PC's have foiled the plans of the vile villain but he's got a cunning & dastardly plan of his own to achieve immortality as one of the Undead! "
Welcome to my version of the classic Tegel Manor! The plane jumping mist shrouded manor & valley arrived in its latest location then things got weird for our party of adventurers!

I've been gone a whole day off of social media completely with work but the other night I managed to squeeze in an session of Tegel Manor. My game has been on hiatus for about four weeks now but last night we packed a lot into the game last night. My player's PC's managed to prevent the assassination of an alchemist by his former employer, steal some very valuable alchemical chemicals, & thwart one of their adversary's plans! This happened about four weeks ago & the other night's session picked right back up!  They learned this after finding out from the NPC alchemist who is now working for the party that Mr. Rump is planning on importing more alchemy ingredients & another alchemist. Many of the valuable alchemy ingredients from the last session we played are used in funerary rights & for the preparation of the ritual for becoming a lich! Mr.Rump is actually a black cleric of a god of undeath & he needs a magic iron crown to complete the ritual!

The party of adventurers session  began with them breaking into Tegel manor through a secret passage under the atrium.The passage led through a series of connecting dungeon hallways & led up to the temple of Quetzalcoatl. They nearly got eaten by a rampaging shoggoth but beat it out of the dungeon works & into the temple quickly locking the trap door into the room behind them.  The temple complex within the manor was a complete wreck with altars overturned, secret niches ransacked, blast marks on the walls, & broken weapons scattered about. This scene was caused by the player's PC's from a previous campaign session last year. Using the maps they began the task of navigating the hallways & rooms of the manor & right out of the gate the ghosts began to pick on the party. Phantom voices, strange smells, & weird puddles caused issues for the party.  But when the paintings started to come to life the party ran for the grand ballroom & straight into the arms of two hundred dancing ghosts! They came upon three strange gentlemen ghosts who asked if they had been sent by a representative of the Rump family?! And upon learning that they  expecting their cousin the party left. The adventurers managed to dodge the ghostly shape shifted deceased storm giant & his massive executor's sword simply closing the door on him! He'll get them on the way back through the manor!

They nearly got killed by two statues that came to life one of a troll & the other an elf. The elf handed them a map to a nearby bedroom. The troll statue came to life & they had to spend time fighting the troll but managed to get away! Then the party did a side quest into the bedroom detailed on the map that the elf had given them! Unlocking the bedroom the party was treated to a most unusual sight!
Upon the bed was a "harem girl" held by a set of  glowing chains  actually a female  Ogre Magi transformed & pleading for help! Under the bed a second Ogre Magi warrior waited! The husband of the female imprisoned on the magical bed. These were actually agents of the Queen of the Night another NPC player meddling the PC's lives! There was a lot of role playing with the Ogre Magi as the harem girl pleading with the PC's to free her & a couple of near times when they came close. But some very clever maneuvering sent the two monsters back to the lands of Nightmare!

The party also found a polymorphed Elf huldra ("hidden being") royal who had been transformed into a troll. They also found a full suit of huldra chain mail hanging in the closet as well. The warrior seemed dazed & confused as to his where abouts & circumstances. The adventurers have a who lot more rooms & hallways to get through & this was only the beginning! How the Hell did he get there & whose he working for?!

Ten Things About My Version of Tegel Manor
  1. This version of Tegel Manor & the surrounding  valley move across time & space. There are number of factions within & without the manor vying for control of this piece of psychic real state this includes the ghosts & members of the Rump family. 
  2. I'm pulling a lot of the resources from this blog entry for my Sword & Sorcery version of  Tegel Manor. 
  3. The Wayward sisters have a stake in the manor's fate and more that the players nor the PC's have a clue about it.
  4. There are certainly many Arthurian themes at play here & connections to dangerous relics of legend. 
  5. Certain safe rooms that the party stayed in last year have become very dangerous as they're going to find out next week! 
  6. There are other adventurers already in the house & another faction leader already manipulating events & certain spectral NPC's. 
  7. The players have yet to make it down into the dungeons of the house & there are doors that open to other far more dangerous places & other worlds.
  8. Ghosts are not the only classic monster that the player's PC's are going to have to content with in Tegel Manor. There are many others.
  9. The adventurers are not aware of that I've already slipped in a number of occult items into the mix from this random table of minor treasures that they've already recovered!  
  10. There is a bounty hunter already after the party & they have no idea what's coming!

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