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1d10 Random Minor Sword & Sorcery Bits & Pieces of Adventurers Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventuring is a dangerous business & sometimes adventurers have to give in  to the effects of Death. They often leave behind more then mere body parts & or a decaying corpse. Space is limited when adventuring so they often take bits & bobs of treasure or relics.

Sometimes its these items that do in adventurers, there is a 60% chance of a relic or other small bauble of being cursed. There is also a 10% chance of this piece of jewelry or sorcerous knickknack having belonged to a powerful wizard or other magical practitioner. Adventurers should tread lightly in the shadow of those who have come before them.  

Among some jaded & decedent royals there is a fashion of acquiring these adventurer's baubles & rings for their aesthetic & macabre origin as collectables. These minor magic items often have strong aura of magick & power as the desperation & violence of those who sought them feeds the enchantment of these pieces. Over time with more & more deaths, murders, betrayals, & depraved acts the magick of these items can grow very strong indeed. There is an increase of 10% of the range & a very dangerous chaotic effect to some magic items. See appropriate random matrix coming soon.

1d10 Random Minor Sword & Sorcery Bits & Pieces of Adventurers Table

  1.  A baboon's decaying clawed hand with two jade rings on them. The rings allow the owner to see hidden doors & passages. They also allow the owner to see the aura of those around them & once a day a flash of insight into the motives of anyone within thirty feet of the owner. 
  2. The decaying  thumb & fore finger of a man whose finger has a ring with a semi precious gem on it. This ring allows the owner to hear the thoughts of certain wizards of the school of devilry. There is a 20% chance of these thoughts driving the owner mad. 
  3. An earring  on the left pinky finger of a woman. The earring allows true sight twice per day. 
  4.  A small lady's hair comb that allows the owner to change the colour of their when its run through & to disguise their appearance once per day. 
  5. This strange jade finger cover allows the owner detect poison with dipped into any meal or beverage. There is a command word written in  Atlantean on underside that allows a deadly drop of magical poison to be inserted into food once per day. 
  6. This strange finger covering allows the owner to take on the appearance of another within 20 feet for one hour. The whole affair is covered in gore & blood caked around the silver pieces & bits. 
  7. A strange puzzle box is held by three decaying hands & allows one to open a passage into the Inferno once per week. There is demon waiting on the other side of the box for a new fool to open it. 
  8. A weird head covering made of metal allows one to see into darkness with a range of 10 feet & speak with ghosts. The thing rests on a decayed woman's head with a piece of jade secreted in the mouth. 
  9. This wand like device is two inches long is held in the hand of a man wearing a bracelet on the wrist. The device allows one to know if someone is lying to them as it grows warm in the hand. The owner once per day can tell an incredible lie and unless a save vs wands is made the victim will believe them. The bracelet is a ruined charm against demons but has dried demon's blood on it. 
  10.  A white jade tiger allows the owner to take on the minor ability of confidence & leader ship when holding it. This piece also has two very pretty semi precious eyes that can see a traitor to the owner once per week & allow the owner to see the fool's aura. It radiates powerful magic & is held in the palm of woman's hand with delicate nails of obsidian.

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