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1d6 Random Sword & Sorcery Side Quest Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Bran had survived the worst that the Underworld had thrown at him & his party. He made his way down the old game trails the mules in tow. There wasn't even a sound around the forest as he made his way home. The unnaturalness of the silence unnerved him & he looked around him as the sun filtered through the dense trees. No birds singing,no bugs in the air, the wind was even quiet & silence became something alien. You could cut it with a knife. Then the cold began to be felt on his arms. The hairs stood up & his breath was forming fog as he breathed. The 'unnaturalness' was here again his hand automatically had reached for his father's sword. It slid easily on the scabbard's metal with an oily & dangerous sound. Yet he held it waiting for the next move of the 'other world'. He didn't have long to wait as woman in archaic armor appeared in the blink of an eye.
'You have the air of destiny about you Bran' her common tongue was precise & practiced. 'I have need of you & your band' for there are things following on your heels that you are not aware of.
The first of Hade's goblins swarmed out from behind several of the trees around them & they passed through the misty image of archaic woman warrior. Bran would have to wait to see his grand father's kingdom but then he saw a door in the side of a nearby rock where seconds before there was none. Yes this was going to be a very interesting day indeed.

Sometimes the very dungeons that adventurers uncover can shift the balance of occult & supernatural power along the ley lines of a region. These shifts in the astral energies can cause ancient locations to be uncovered as well as monsters of horrible aspect to come forth. But these events are often opportunities to adventurers for there are often adventure locations uncovered by these diggings in the dirt. There is a 40% chance that these locations may not even be related to the current adventure. Destiny has an odd way of working adventurers into her plans.

Locations such as these are often related to isolated regions of the Underworld that have been cut off or are not easily accessed by the rest of these locations. Wandering monsters often see these places as locations where easy prey might be had. They will often follow adventurers to such spots to pick off any stragglers or weak targets. Such prey has a 10% chance of rewarding the adventurers for helping them or rescuing them. But beware for the gods often use such adventure locations to snare adventurers into their own affairs & games of fate.

1d6  Random Sword & Sorcery Side Quest Adventure Locations Table 
  1. An ancient crack in the ground leads to an ancient Dwarven workshop, there are 1d20 maggot like dwarves toiling away around several iron workbenches. They are working on several treasures & ancient relics of the gods. There are 1d4 magic rings that are nearby but these 3rd level Dwarven warriors will attack anyone stupid enough to try and steal such rings. The fact is that these nasty Dwarves will rob any PC's of any gold that they have for their projects! These Dwarves may curse the PC's for their troubles & interference in their work! 
  2. A strange patch of stone work leads to an ancient maze work within the PC's find several skeletons dressed in archaic warriors garb & missing their heads. There are 200 copper pieces scattered around them. The PC's find that they are in a strange ancient maze works & they can hear the bellowing of a Minotaur nearby! This is one of the fabled minotaur's maze temples! There will be 1d6 minor relics here but the undead cult of the minotaur will wish to sacrifice the PC's for the cannibal feast! 
  3. In the center of the forests stands a stone anvil with an iron hammer & anyone approaching it will feel its occult power. There are 1d6 druids nearby who will approach the PCs & tell them that they must not strike the anvil! They have recently comeback into the world from the 'Other Realm'. The party will hear the telepathic cries of a young girl and she screams to be free within their minds.
    What is happening is that there is group of 1d6 Elven knights ready to slaughter the PC's for there is the soul of an evil demon trapped within the anvil. But they are forbidden from telling the PC's about this by the demon's curse. 
  4. The PC's will find a nearby settlement  slaughtered by what appears to be an undead knight on a nightmare. There is blood & gore everywhere and the wreckage of homes scattered about. But no matter how the PC's attack the knight will not fight them.
    A group of damned cannibal spirits  has come from within a fissure within the ground about  forty feet from the settlement after being released from the underworld. The knight has been charged with taking them back but needs help from the adventurer for there is a necromancer in one of the homes near by. He can offer a 200 gold piece reward but it will be in underworld gold. This gold carries bad luck of all kinds and the dead will be drawn to the PC's. 
  5. Weird lights & strange glowing balls of unnatural light will harass the PC's & they will want the PC's to follow them back to a strange Roman like temple. Inside an old wizard tends a skeleton & beckons the PC's closer. He is the last in a noble line & needs the PC's to take the skeleton of his wife & him to the local entrance to the Underworld. He will offer 100 gold pieces but a necromancer & his cannibal helpers wish to torment the wizard & enslave the spirits of the couple. 
  6. 1d10 strange & twisted mutated animals are rampaging through a nearby village. They will fight to the death against any PC's & slaughter any NPC's they can. Recently a strange rock & brass doorway was found in the side of a hill two hundred feet from the village center. A large gold ring was set into the door & it was taken to the village mayor's office. But now a strange fire elemental being stalks the countryside and the thing burns with unnatural fires creating & twisting monsters from the local wild & farm life. I will take the semi magical ring back go back to the forge of the unknown gods where it came from. But should the ring not be returned 1d6 fire elemental beings will come forth by sunset.

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