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1d15 Random 'Witch Fated' Treasures & Relics of Occult Power Table

"I utter in words my thanks to the Ruler of all, the King of Glory, the everlasting Lord, for the treasures which I here gaze upon, in that I have been allowed to win such things for my people before my day of death! Now that I have given my old life in barter for the hoard of treasure, do ye henceforth supply the people's needs, — I may stay here no longer. Bid the war-veterans raise a splendid barrow after the funeral fire, on a projection by the sea, which shall tower high on Hronesness as a memorial for my people, so that seafarers who urge their tall ships from afar over the spray of ocean shall thereafter call it Beowulf's barrow."
Line 2795 of Beowulf

There are relics & treasures that have fallen from the hands of kings that they are wreathed in destiny. Songs are sung of their stories but they have gone into the claws of dragons, demons, & monsters in lairs under the Earth. These relic are the lost pieces of another age claimed by monsters. PC's who find these treasures are often caught into the skein of fate & may find themselves on an adventure regardless.

Any of these  items  often of legend & myth find their way into the claws of some seriously dangerous dragons or monsters. They are often 40% chance cursed or worse 'witch fated.' Witch fated relics & treasures bare the mark of  occult power or supernatural influence. Covens, cults, & groves of witches of the most dangerous stripe desire these items. They are often part & parcel of the complex supernatural relationships that arise between dragons & covens of local witches. Any time that one of these items of power leaves a hoard there is a 70% chance that a cell of witches or their agents with the 'sight' will seek the person who has possession of it.

There is a 20% chance of these items having some odd supernatural quirk or power that has been soaked up over the hundreds of years laying next to a sleeping dragon. Consult the appropriate type of dragon for possible powers or abilities of these items. Dragons may go on the war path to recover such a minor relic because it has gone missing. Villages may burn, crops turned to ash, and places of power may feel their Hellish wraith.
Those possessing such items may be troubled by horrid dreams & visions of impending doom & depravity. The dragon may supernaturally become aware of the owner of the item through their dreams & may be able to track them across the Astral planar dreamscape.

1d15 Random 'Witch Fated' Treasures
& Relics of Occult Power Table
  1. The Golden Cup of ARA - This cup has been carved of golden wood & has an interior of gold overlay. The cup is a sacred relic & able create a healing drought for 1d6 people every new moon. The goddess ARA watches over the relic but its been missing since a dragon stole it after having infiltrated a coven to claim it as their own. The cup is worth a cool thousand gold pieces to the right collector. 
  2. The Ring of the Doppelgangers - This ring now belongs to a treasure hoard of a powerful witch whose been cursed to become a red dragon of the most dangerous aspect. The ring allows one to summon the fetch of another & the evil soul twin must answer any questions put to it truthfully. The ring was originally used for an ascension ceremony of power within a local coven. But its been missing for over two hundred years.  Worth about 600 gold pieces to a local lord who wants it for  nefarious reasons.
  3. Eye of the Chaos Goddess - This strange crystal gem allows the owner to gaze into the nearby dimensions & planes. The eye will allow one to know the names of power of these creatures making summoning them far easier. The owner has an 80% chance of summoning them depending upon planar weather conditions. Originally this was a military item used in a war on the forces of law. But the coven to whom it belonged to was ransacked by a dragon of incredible occult power. The goddess has been trapped within for centuries. 
  4. The Wands of The Fetches - This wand allows one to summon their shadow self from the plane of death & allow it to show the pathways to hidden destinies & treasures. The wand originally was used by a dragon to test the occult potential of new witches & wizards in its area. The wand was stolen by an evil witch who used it to amass a hoard & turn herself into a dragon of unstable power. Since then it has not been seen in three hundred years. 
  5. The Golden Plate of Ra - This plate of purest gold comes from the depths of Fairyland & allows one to gaze into the pits of the Old Gods where Ra was trapped during his death cycle. The plate allows one to find the occult paths of power allowing a witch or wizard to cast one level higher spells their PC's actual level. The plate has a price in the form of a temporary wisdom point each day which take the form of gold tears. The plate has been in the hoard of a dangerously evil wizard who has a pet dragon with the plate as the centerpiece of his hoard. The witches of Ra want it back however. 
  6. The Casket of Power & Destiny - This casket contains the soul of a powerful witch & her occult power. The casket can be used by anyone to create 2nd level witches spell like abilities but its real power is the ability to heal even the most grievous injuries each full moon. A dragon has been guarding it for two centuries until the chosen one comes. 
  7. The Puzzle of Tears - This set of finely wrought puzzle pieces allows one piece together the soul of a person whose had their soul torn apart. The puzzle must be used by a 6th level witch in a place of power under the waxing moon. A swamp dragon has been guarding it against a local group of dangerous witches who belong to the goddess of black tears. They will pay handsomely for it. 
  8. The Hand of Despair - This ancient withered & decaying piece of flesh once belonged to one of the white witches of Fairyland until she was cursed by a dragon of dire aspect. The crone that resulted was a hag of the first order & rampaged across parts of the countryside. Her evil was contained in her hand after a knight cut it off. A dragon of power took the hand for safe keeping but recently she has returned as an undead demonic thing & has begun killing mystics trying to track down her hand. The hand allows one to use many of the minor abilities of a hag but the owner must kill every seven days. 
  9. The Agates of the Gods - These jewel encrusted stones are the gem covered gal stones of a dangerously murderous dragon taken from his gut by a witch whose husband slayed the beast. They are said to have the power to kill a minor god. But they are very pretty items & worth 60 gold pieces each. There are ten of them each of them pertaining to the ten fingers or miracles of the minor gods. Only the witch's coven knows their secrets & they will murder the owner to get the stones back! 
  10. The Crown of the Ancient Swords Woman - This strange crown once belonged to a minor princess of Fairyland & it allows the owner to harm demons when wielding a sword. The crown was used to slay an ancient demon after it was taken from its owner by a dragon. He seduced its previous owner & enchanted it with the ability to once a day create a door into Fairyland. The ancient Coven of the Swords Woman has been trapped in Fairyland ever since. Now they wish to return home. They have a small treasure to give the party who saves them. 
  11. The Glass of Looking - This ancient mirror allows the owner to gaze into nearby occult realms of power & triple the effects of any spell they cast while tapping the mirrors power. The mirror however holds an evil  dragon within its depths & it is currently owned by a coven of witches who use to plan the kidnapping of local children to sell into slavery in Fairyland. The parents of one of the children wants revenge on them. 
  12. The Knife of Decay - This occult relic of power is often used to cut the cords of the soul allowing the owner to experience the realms of death without dying. They can visit with the recently deceased one last time and find out some vital piece of information. But the knife is currently owned by a death dragon of dire aspect. She has twelve witches of Death after her & they will do anything to get the knife from her clutches. The knife can also cause anything it touches to decay & melt when struck by it within 1d8 rounds. Death itself would also like the knife back but is amused by the antics surrounding it. 
  13. The Casket of Is - This casket contains the soul of a demon called 'Is' a creature of no great importance whose name is used to keep it trapped within the relic. The relic allows the owner to access its power to see twelve possible visions of the future. Each vision is governed over by the soul of a witch but every twelve visions a dragon astral stalks the owner to eat their souls. The casket is currently in the possession of a dying witch who wants to pass it on to another but her circle wants it. The demon on the other hand will send 1d6 minor demons to torment the PC's because it can to attract their attention. 
  14. The Ark of Lu - This ark once belonged to a witch goddess named Lu whose power was vast & dangerous. Lu used her abilities to steal the souls of the newly dead for her spiritual slave ship of power. The gods found out about her project & locked her away in the ark where she waits & preys on any covens foolish enough to own the ark. She now has a dragon in her clutches who is in human form to find the Ark. The ark allows the owner to access the deep magicks & can take on some of the goddesses power for 1d8 hours. The owner gains the ability to charm, cast 1st level spells, & has access to the witch goddess clerical magic. The owner however will want & become addicted to the ark's power. 
  15. Splinter of the True Coffin - This strange piece of wood drips with the blood of a moon goddess whose power comes from her true coffin. The coffin now holds her undead remains & it allows the owner to find her. A dragon is after the splinter & his witches want the power of the moon goddess for themselves but a cleric of Law is after them. The splinter will find the PC's & involve them in its tapestry of blood & mayhem. There is a 600 gold piece emerald in the top of the coffin.

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