Sunday, August 26, 2018

OSR Commentary - "Thunder Rift" (1992) by Colin McComb for Basic Dungeons & Dragons

So its been a long while since I cracked the spine of Thunder Rift for Basic Dungeons & Dragons. This book is a mini setting for the game & it packs a lot into its thirty two pages.You've got self-contained little setting in a valley about thirty miles long. All of the familiar Basic Dungeons & Dragons monsters are in here including a dragon, elves, dwarves, goblins, & lots of human settlements.

Though the valley has been mostly cut off from outside there's still a lot of adventure hooks packed within this product: 

  • history - You've got a ton of background on the world setting of Thunder Rift.
  •  population - All of the towns & villages are broken down by population, location, etc.
  • encounter charts-The encounter charts are all here for the dungeon master  to pull from. 
Quest for the Silver Sword is another adventure within this line that has one of the major adventure campaign plot points affecting one of the towns within the setting. PC's are going to have a heck of a time with this plague. Another product that has the potential to really blow things is within the D&D Cycolpaedia Screen which includes Escape from Thunder Rift,this adventure links up the Thunder Rift area to Mystara. But Thunder Rift can easily be dropped into any campaign setting with a bit of work. 

The whole point & purpose of Thunder Rift is to show new dungeon masters how awesome a campaign is & all of the building blocks to get one off of the ground. Even though this a Basic product a lot of work must have went into this product. The writing here is concise & easy to read as well as understand. The material is fun to go through & brain storm about how to insert this mini setting into a existing campaign. 

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