Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Geo-Front Cities For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Mega-Dungeon

Far down in the levels below the ruins is another world just waiting to be plundered by your gang of mutant raiders from Mutant Future or Metamorphis Alpha. Dial back the technology level for these cities & stick them on the level of a  generation star ship & confuse the hell out of your players..

These cities offer lots of potential for any game really. The lonely streets can be the play ground of retro robots & A.I. engaged in serious century old warfare.. The PC's can stumble upon holy cults still worshiping & carrying out the rites of their ancestors. You can find these cities Here

 These retro looking cities look like they stepped out of the movie, " The Shape Of Things To Come", which is essentially where I'd stick them. Friends of mine have been playing the Fall Out 3 video game recently.  This always puts me in the mind of  the Darwin's World rpg which is Fall Out the role playing game. Yeah, yeah totally different story lines, etc, etc.  The point is that the retro alternative futures are in & these are just the kind of cities that would be perfect for those styles of games. Along with zeppelins & mini personal air planes, & jet packs all zipping over head. 

Blog Dec 17 underground city det

This wonderful blog has some of the number crunching involved in this weird retro future engineering nightmare. The earth, rock, & soil that would have to be moved would be incredible. Anyhow the whole mess can be read about here
Finally from Modern Mechanix magazine July 1934



You can read more about these fantastic retro future cities right here..Imagine 20 level mega dungeons extending down into the core of the mantle with every monster waiting to tear your party apart.

Retro  Future Geo Cities In Other Settings 

Don't think that these styles of cities have anything to offer your party of explorers in Mutant Future or Carcosa? Think again!
Some of the artwork within the Carcosa rule book makes it pretty damn clear that there are cities & ruins scattered across the face of the planet like so many ruined jewels. What waits below the surface? Perhaps art deco representations of Shub Niggurath & great Cthulhu?
I've mentioned the Fall Out games earlier in this blog entry. The genre is made from the remains of vaults & perhaps lost cities of incredible technology such as those seen in Metropolis or far worse.
The retro future that these cities represent can give the equal of Under Mount to your old school game. Need a strange colony upon a lost moon or other planetary body here you are. The underground is the limit with this sort of setting. Strap on your ray pistol, suit up your power armor, & take it to the underground. 
Ten Random Under City Encounters! Roll 1d10 
  1. Cultists of the Blind & Decayed God #1d4 Hit Points 3 1d4 blasters 50 yard radius 
  2. Giant Worms Of The Earth # 1d6 5 hit points Damage 1d4 Acidic Bite 
  3. Eascaped Slaves fleeing for their lives through the dark 
  4. 1d20 zombie workers 2 hit points each Armor Class 8 Bite 1d3 
  5. Blind Mutant Warriors 2nd level. Armed with swords & Blasters 1d6 damage. Hunt by sonar sense 
  6. Angry Genetic Experiment Escaped! #1 Hit Points 6 Armor Class 6 Damage 1d4 Poisonous Bite 
  7. 1d4 # Snake Men Warriors 1st level with a 2nd level Lizard Man Wizard Armed with a blaster staff 1d4 damage. Full spells as well 
  8. Party of Scientists looking for an escaped experiment willing to hire adventurers 
  9. 1d6#  of Molemen warriors 3rd level looking for holy victims  for ancient foul gods 
  10. The Mole Man 5th level wizard with an army of 1d20 monsters 4 hit points each looking for conquest! Very mad,dangerous, & foul! 

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