Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Quick Analysis Of The Doctor Strange Movie Teaser Trailer For Your Old School Campaigns

So tonight the Dr. Strange movie trailer dropped onto an unsuspecting world, the reaction has been interesting today to say the least. I haven't been this excited in a long while for a film. I'm a Dr. Strange fan from way back in the 1970's and in fact I grew up with Dr. Strange. The comic books were classic and almost the entire reason why I got into the TSR Marvel Super Heroes game in the first place.

What we get is a voice over of Wong perhaps telling Dr.Strange to forget everything he knows while Strange is hanging upside down in the car wreck that ruins his hands ala the classic comic book series. Then we get a montage of sequences referencing the back story of Strange in the comics as well. We get a sneak peak into the weird and often mind bending vistas of Strange once again referencing the comics. Then we get that classic Dr.Strange astral projection bit. So how close is this to the comic books so far as I can see its damn close to the comics.

We also get a sample of the mind bending Inception like vistas that classic Dr. Strange comics were know for. The Ancient One also seems to be true to form and there's a certain amount of classic weirdness about the trailer that makes this movie so compelling to a certain extant with the teases and hints we've seen so far.

So far as what I've seen in this teaser trailer we get a good and quick overview of perhaps the man we're expecting to see on the big screen. Will we get the Stephen Strange that we deserve as fans? Well that's going to be very interesting and perhaps only time will tell but I have hope now that this trailer has hit the street.

The elements and essence of Stephen Strange the future Sorcerer Supreme of Earth are there but are they following the path of the comics or will they take their own ways of getting into the cinematic Marvel universe? I have a feeling its going to be a combination of both. Strange has almost always been a hard act to follow. The comics have had their own style, history, substance, and set the other worldly tone for the mighty Marvel universe.

The Marvel universe of TSR's Marvel Super Heroes was and is a strange beastie of a role playing game. It was by turns frustrating, weird, playable, and I simply still love the system with all of its weird trade mark bits and pieces, classic Seventies and Eighties era Marvel Heroes and Realms of Magic Book. This was the best magic book and system outside of D&D that had come out. You can still download it right over here.

So does the new Dr.Strange movie pass the Hoary Hosts muster? For the moment I think it will do, I'm pretty excited to see what Dr.Strange has in store for us.

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