Monday, April 4, 2016

Commentary On The S'rulyan Vault By Venger Satanis Kickstarter For Your Old School Campaigns

So I see a ton of snarky comments on various Kickstarters and other projects on G+ Those are with some damn good reasons I might add. But let's talk about Venger Satanis & the various books that he's done for a moment and come through on those Kickstarter projects. Well, he's back with another fifth edition old school module Kickstarter along with Glynn Seal of Monkey Blood design. So colour me excited about his latest bid for our cash. No, seriously I think he's got a winner here.Watch and then you'll understand what I mean.

So who cares about a huge map? Well yes its a huge map with a lot going on that you can customize into your own adventure location for your PC's to explore and plunder; "The map will also come with a 5 - 7 page PDF.  This document will contain a brief history of the dungeon, as well as, various random tables for helping the GM spontaneously come up with content, description, rumors, factions, and encounters (including traps, monsters, NPCs, weird stuff, etc.) so that each adventure into the S'rulyan Vault can be unique."
This is one of the things that makes it interesting and unique in some respects. Sure there have been other projects going on with Kickstarter by Venger but this is one of the first times he's getting into a fully customization old school style adventure setting set up for this style of play. There are a couple of things that are going on here that have caught my interest:
  • This is a very large setting with plenty of room for the DM to do their own set up and take on the dungeon itself. The fact is with a map this big its going to be quite easy to cut some cardboard or white board and block off the sections that you don't want players to see. This means that the DM can cruise into the adventure as they want to. They can also add or subtract dungeon adventure elements as they like. 
  • Knowing Venger's style of writing and design as I do this project will get bigger then it is now. What that will mean in terms of page count and contents is your going to get more for your money without a doubt. 
  • These Kickstarters deliver just look at Alpha Blue, Girls Gone Rogue and his earlier projects. 
  • This is going to have the usual Venger Satanis twist to it without a doubt. That also means that this is going to be another project that a DM can re purpose to their own campaigns. 
  • Monkey Blood Designs always does great cartography and artwork Again knowing Venger's style and gravitas as I do your going to see something different, unique, perhaps controversial, and highly entertaining. 
  • There are already backers for this project and we're only a few hours into it. So its a good sign that we'll be seeing some fun stuff. 
Bottom line, I personally think that this is a fun Kickstarter, and Venger as well as his crew have a few surprises up their sleeves for this. So go fund this one and let's see where this is going to go!  

Update we've now got more to go on about the  The S'rulyan Vault Adventure location map  from Venger and Glynn over at Monkey Blood Design " I just posted an update on the KS page.  Glynn provided me with a sketch.  Still early days, but at least now people have something to go on." If you have questions contact Venger through the Kickstarter page. He'll be happy to answer any questions about the kickstarter or the adventure.

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