Monday, May 2, 2011

More Spells For Terminal Space

More Spells For Terminal Space

Contact Space God(Cleric 3rd level): The caster makes an invocation to one of the myriad of space gods to ensure safe passage for the ship. The god will answer three questions about conditions of the voyage. They may on a roll of 1d4 make mention of pirates, demons, etc. that may cause problems on the voyage. 
Breath The Space Winds (Cleric 1st level/Magic User 2nd level): The caster may survive the conditions of total exposure in space for 1d4 rounds. They shall not be affected by radiation, or heat. The spell ends within the allotted time & they are still in space saves will have to be made. 
Doctor's Sonic Screw Driver Special (Cleric 1st level/Magic User 3rd level):  The caster may put forth a sonic pulse which will affect machinery in small ways ie locks will unlock, screws will turn, machinery will turn on depending upon the desired effect. 
Summon the Slithering Trackers of  The Void(Cleric 2nd level/Magic User 2nd level): The Caster summons the Slithering Trackers of  the void, venomous plasma dripping creatures from the darkest depths of space. These monsters are able to track almost any ship with little to no problem what so ever. However a save vs must be made if the ship is cloaked. The cloak reacts badly with the senses of the trackers & they may drag the caster back into the Outer Darkness with them if they feel slighted. 
Ride The Wild Wind (Magic User 4th Level): The caster summons a solar wind to aid in the ship moving that much quicker through the wilds of hyperspace. The caster rolls 1d4 for the number of  light years the ship moves toward its destination, the spell is a difficult one to control though & if a save vs isn't made the ship might go slightly or majorly off course. Dungeon Master's decision.
Walking on Sunshine (Magic User 3rd level): The caster is enveloped in a bubble of sunlight for 1d4 rounds & able to move around where they want to. If cast more then 2 times per day caster takes 1d6 points of  solar damage unless a save vs is made
Barker's Beast of  Barbed Wire (Magic User 3rd level): Summoned from the haunted wreckage of a million damned space ships. The beast comes snapping & snarling its way from the depths of the Outer This Darkness. This twisted mockery of an alien creature in barbed wire will attack its target who must make a save vs or be carried off into the outer darkness never to be seen again. If the save is made the Beast seems to leave but will begin to track the caster through the darkness for 1d4 months.
Self  Decapitation(Magic User 3rd level/4th level Cleric): The caster safely removes his head from his body & it levitates where the caster wants it to. This spell is effective 1d4 rounds after which it must return to the caster's body or damage will begin to result 
This Island Earth  (3rd level Cleric) : The caster is able to create a small patch of earth like conditions on any world where they find themselves for 1d4 rounds for 1d6 people. 
 Forbidden Planet    (6th level Cleric/5th level Magic user) The caster is able to create a planetary zone of forbidden against an enemy. This is a temporary situation at best. The spell will last 1d6 days at the end of which the spell fades. Anyone whom the caster knows may be named when this spell is being cast. They will take 1d8 points of stunning damage if they approach the forbidden planet 

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