Thursday, August 10, 2017

Friends, Eld, & Tegel Manor - OSR Campaign Update & Actual Play Adventure Construction

I've been working my butt off today with sewing machine repairs but a friend stopped by earlier to chew the fat & talk about Venger Satanis, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, Tegel Manor, & the Eld!
Steve has run parties of players through  Misty Isles of the Eld multiple times and is a huge fan of Chris Kutalik, & Robert Parker's work. 
So he's someone I whose brain I wanted to pick for my Fall campaign and there was this neat dream too. 

Look at them so peaceful just waiting to be picked off by the Eld!

So last night I had this wicked dream about Seventies style space stations being invaded by the Eld and thousands of slaves being taken. Yes those same jerks from Misty Isles of the Eld by Chris Kutalik, & Robert Parker. But how can that happen I can hear folks saying? The Eld are an aggressive & highly dangerous adventure faction element of  the Hill Cantons campaign setting.

How are they related to my own version of  Tegel Manor? Well in 'the Old Solar System' setting Hyperborea is out near Saturn with its own mini sun & 'Old Earth' is sitting in its usual place in the Sol solar system. This also means that the events of The Battle for the Islands of Purple Putrescence(Kickstarter is almost over) while not directly impacting on the campaign will be referenced as the  islands are directly in the Hyperborean seas  in my campaign.

So how is this all going to fit together? The 'nesting doll method' of campaigning  this is something that a friend & I recently spoke about at length. Basic different areas of Tegel manor's ground & village are going to be dimensionally porous there will be different areas that lead to all kinds of other settings and such. This is something that is built right into the infamous DYI haunted house setting. The entry on the Tegel Manor Game Science edition entry over at the acaeum site gives some solid clues about this!

'Parties will encounter numerous adventure situations as they make their way through Tegel Village and the grounds surrounding the manor.  Once inside that ancient edifice. they can explore its more than 200 rooms and hallways--libraries, temples, galleries and much more--as well as its four underground-level dungeons.
This infamous haunted manse is fraught with deadly perils!  In its labyrinth passageways lurk menaces, monstrosities and magicks fell and loud?  A moderately experienced Gamemaster will find that the extensively detailed room descriptions quickly set the scene and mood for the excitement to follow.  In addition to the usual quests for wealth, powerful magicks or glory. GMs will easily find more than 50 compelling reasons for sending heroic adventurers into TEGEL MANOR: Can they find the accursed gem, the Heart of Darkness?  Can they root out the evil which emanates from the fortress to threaten the surrounding countryside?  Can they locate the Cauldron of Regeneration or the other potent wizardry hidden here-flying carpets, magical statues and more? Can they liberate a most unique prisoner and complete a quest for justice?  Or close the portal to Hell itself?  In addition to werewolves, vampires and liches, evil spirits and sinister secrets, one may encounter wry humor or fiendish puns-and perhaps the rare tome or important alchemist's aid to be found therein.'

So where do the Eld fit in? Well there will be a raiding party of Eld mercenaries that the PC's are going to have to deal with very soon coming up. There's also a deadly connection coming with the Eld this coming Fall details are coming very soon! All right
here Are Ten Ways The Eld fit In:

1. The Eld are aggressive slavers, traders, & demented David Bowie/Jack Kirby warriors with access to super science weapons to make PC's very unhappy.
2. There are lots of room to inject the Hill Canton's brand of chaos into a sword & strangeness setting.
3. The players hate the Eld & want a chance to take chunk out of them again. The last time didn't go so well.
4. Eld have a different feel then other types of alien weirdos and are uniquely dangerous.
5. Vatmen
6. The overly aggressively PC's have a chance or two give some very hard knocks.
7. PC's have a chance to get their hands on Jack Kirby style super science items and this never goes right.
8. More chaos is a good thing and the chaos index says so.
9. The Cold Hells look it up on the Hill Canton blog. 
10. Plenty of room for the PC's to run afoul of the Hill Canton's campaign setting and really muck things up because the Misty Isles of the Eld kicks OSR ass!

So the islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence are going to play a bit of a larger role in the Fall campaign but that's going to be a wait and see sort of a thing. Don't forget to get in on the
The Battle for the Islands of Purple Putrescence Kickstarter whic  is almost over!

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