Friday, July 14, 2017

New Forbidden Magic Spell For Your Old School Campaigns - Summon Scrag Horde

'Why are we running?' Rel The Strong' the red Martian mercenary was running through the mud of 'Old Venus'.
'Because I relieved the legion of an object that didn't belong to them'
Vro Tholian occultist was flying through the swamp with little ceremony.
'Is it valuable?' Rel's voice was flaccid at best & panicked at worst. 
'Then what are we going to do?' Rel was almost but not quite out of ammo for his neutron blaster
'I have an idea!' Vro Tholian occultist was already intoning something high and horrible sounding things that might be alien words under his throat as the search lights stabbed through the tall alien trees. That's when the first of the Scrags burst from under the water.
Rel grabbed
Vro Tholian occultist & hid behind one of larger alien trees just as another underwater troll bust from its home and took down one of the legion soldiers on the two scoundrels trail. There were shouts of panic as the rest of the horrors burst from under the water.

Summon Scrag Horde
Range: 30 feet +20 per level of caster
Duration: 1d4 + 3 hours per level of the caster
This spell reaches deep into the lowest levels of the supernatural & summons up the ancient alien ties of the troll kind. This variation of the alien bargain summons the aquatic parasites that once served ancient Deep One kings & the troll kind are bound to serve the caster. This was once a forbidden war spell of the Deep Ones.
The Scrags will attack the enemies of the caster but this spell hits the centers of violence of the monster's brain. Casters often have to hide as the blood lust of the Scrags take out both caster and target. This spell often attracts 1d8 additional Scrag because of its magick power & energies.

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