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1d10 Treasures From Lovecraftian Ancient Flying Saucer Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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 1d10 Treasures From Lovecraftian  Ancient Flying Saucer Table 
  1. Time Drive Of The Great Race - This portable time drive is malfunctioning and there is a 50% chance of your PC's getting caught within a time space rift. There is also a 30% chance of a dimensional shambler or Hound of Tindalos catching your PC's scent. The drive is worth 30000 credits. 
  2. This is a living navigation system that belongs to the Elder Things. The creature is someplace between an amobea and a protoplasmic device. As soon as the PC's find this creature it will try to attach itself to their nose, throat, and eyes. A telepathic probe will reveal deep and dangerous secrets of the Elder Things. Alien experiences, times, places, and weird interstellar destinations. 
  3. A strange weird knobby green glowing set of crystal rods. This is actually the inner heart of an Outer God that glows with alien radiations. Any character whose exposed to to these strange rays will take 1d4 points of damage per round exposed to this. The core is unstable and may explode for 1d10 points of damage. Worth 4000 credits to the right collector but must be stored in a four foot long lead lined box. 
  4. A time space computer belonging to the Great Race with a bit of enslaved shaggoth to see the horrid vistas of the Outer Darkness. The computer is malevolent and very dangerous. The thing will try to kill any PC's if hooked into a network of any type. There are 4 million interstellar maps stored within it.Should it smash a 4 hit point shaggoth will grow to full size and hit points with four rounds. 
  5. Lens of The Deep Ones - This flat oval bone like plate is only twelve inches around but shows scenes from the deep astral seas of the Outer Darkness. There is a 40% of Father Dagon or Mother Hydra noticing anyone handling this object. It will enable telepathic communication with a deep one twice per day. Worth 300 credits. 
  6. This is an alien cube of plasic steel belonging to an unknown alien race. The cube will create very realistic holograms of ancient sanity wrecking vistas. Anyone seeing one of these must make a successful wisdom check or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. Once per day the cube will try to teleport a holder of the item away to some alien location. The trip is one way. The cube sometimes sings to itself at night in a high pitched alien language.
     The cube is worth 400 credits. 
  7. Image of Thulu - A strange tendril covered statue with hundreds of wires finely sewn into the base of this object. The statue can shock anyone once per day handling it for 1d4 points of damage. The statue will give horrid nightmares to anyone handling it. Once per day the statue may be used as a symbol of complete and utter insanity.
    This will act as a symbol per the DM's guide. Worth 340 credits to a collector of Mi Go artifacts.  
  8. A strange black prism - This strange prism will separate the various shades of reality form one another. There is a 40% chance of anyone wandering into the weird light from this prism being lost to the Outer Darkness forever. The prism can cast a dimensional door spell without error once per day. Worth 4000 credits to the right buyer.This prism can also be used as part of a primitive hyperspace jump system. 
  9. Preserver Box - This small, heavy box contains an item sacred to the Outer Gods but no one is sure what it is. The box is just big enough for a human head. The box has a "slow time" spell cast on it. Anything placed within the box will not age or decay in any way or shape. The box's enchantment can last thousands if not millions of years. Priceless. 
  10. The Preserved Head of An Elder Thing - This head will croak out the secrets of the universe to the right sorcerer  The thing may cast a psychic blast three times per day and can get very testy. The thing was originally a POW in the war between the Spawn of Cthulhu and the Elder Things. It is now part of a biologicial navigation system. Worth 40000 credits. 

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