Monday, September 5, 2011

D10 Hyper Space Encounters

D10 Hyper Space Encounters 

  1. Hyper Space Behemoths 20% they try to eat your ship 
  2. Alternative universe doorway 
  3. Spacial Devourers roll 1d6 for number appearing 
  4. Alien Pirates on attack patterns charging up weapons! 
  5. Escaped Convicts will try to hijack your ship 
  6. Traders on their way to bizarre advertising their wares 
  7. Damaged Toxic Waste Ship Roll for Radiation Hazard (See Appropriate Matrix) 
  8. Eye Of Terror Hive Ship! 
  9. Side Slip Path Into The Outer Darkness (Roll For Parasite Matrix) 
  10. Renegade Godling Becomes Curious About Your Ship 

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