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1d20 Random Pulp Treasures From Beyond Edge Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg Systems

There are bits and pieces that blow on the Boreas winds echoing with the weird radiations of Old Earth & lost worlds. These winds vibrate with strange cosmic radiations & weird not sounds as that blow across the face of Hyperborea. Strange objects fall from the sky, weird treasures are sometimes found in odd places, these are seemingly attracted to the ruins of bygone eras. Its almost as if these places were calling their old relics home.

 Out in the wastelands there are strange and very dangerous treasures that blow in on the Boreas winds of Outer Darkness. Sometimes things turn up in the wastelands that can make an adventurer's fortunes or ruin their lives here are a few treasures to change the fortunes of your adventurers but be warned these could in fact change their lives forever.

1d20 Random Pulp Treasures  From Beyond Edge of Hyperborea  Table
  1. Dagger carbon coated worth three thousand gold pieces because it contains the souls of the damned. This dagger may summon 1d4 ghosts from beyond the Outer Darkness every new moon. 
  2. A ash covered vase of glass hard as diamond containing a Ginn of incredibly deadly aspect sealed with magick wax, copper wiring,& the seal of a Necromancer or black wizard of Old Earth. Worth 600 gold pieces 
  3. Burnt unliving hand of an ape able to grant five wishes but in an ironic & darkly black magic way. Worth 6000 gold pieces to the right collector 
  4. Radiation grenade sealed in a strange glass like substance. The edges of the treasure are blackened and grey, worth 670 gold as a curiosity. The thing pulses with menace and is actually the home of a demon from Saturn. 
  5. A bronze seal of a king that has been dead for 10,000 years but worth 7000 gold pieces because to a wizard or necromancer it can seal a demonic contract to make it binding. 
  6. A melted piece of glass from Old Earth that contains twenty souls of the damned. The thing can be used to case fortunes every new moon and is worth 400 gold pieces. These pieces of glass wear our after 1d20 years. 
  7. A ancient mechanism fully fused together but worth 2000 gold pieces to a wizard or collector for its history value. 
  8. Twenty strange black sticks that can activated as +2 arrows of flawless returning the owner must learn the command whistles for them. They're worth 4000 gold pieces to the right collector 
  9. A dancing sword made of volcanic glass and with a jade cross guard gains a +2 against demons of the Outer Darkness. Worth 6530 gold pieces as a historic collectable. 
  10. An ancient iron Hyperborean slave collar from Old Earth that contains a servant ghost. Worth five hundred gold pieces to a death wizard or necromancer. 
  11. Twelve pieces of cold iron from the deepest demonic suns able to be used as vessels to trap demons or witches souls whole within them. These are empty and worth 200 gold pieces each. 
  12. An ancient skull of jade and crystal that glows in the presence of demons. The thing has seen many owners and can cast a protection from evil spell once per day. Worth 1699 in gold to the right wizard or collector.
  13. This sword is made from the finest Hyperborean  bronze and able to cut the astral cord of anyone it wants. The sword has seen lots of action during the demon skirmishes out towards Jupiter and it hates Lamias. Worth 10,000 gold pieces as a collector's item or even a weapon but burnt by chaos energies around some of the edges.
  14. Hyperborean helm of breathing but its crispy from going across the sky, but its still in operational condition. Able to protect against the cold & conditions  of the Outer Darkness three times per day for up to forty eight hours and comes with the ability to generate its own atmosphere. 
  15. A twisted piece of metal and bone that is actually a serpent men blaster capable of firing fifty shots from its clip and the thing does the same damage as a laser cross bow. Worth 60000 gold pieces essentially for  collectors or serpent men who will murder to possess this item. 
  16. This set of ancient metal tubes, hoops, etc. is actually a dimensional fork that is able to seal gates, keys, & dimensional rifts. This piece is worth 6000 gold piece as their quite common among the other Hyperborean races. 
  17. Hyperborean wrist gun capable of firing 1d30 shots per round as the mechanism slides along with the memories of its former glory days. Same damage as a heavy cross bow and twice the range.
  18. A strange mechanism that is actually a dimensional portal gun capable of generating 1d20 extra dimensional ports within a twenty foot range. But the thing has lots of scratches and a set of finger prints from a little boy that won't come off.
  19. This small slightly baked figurine is actually an alien war commander whose been tricked by a vile villain. But its capable of opening 1d4 magical portals. Worth 20000 gold pieces to the right family. 
  20. A small statue of a Hyperborean warrior capable of animating and summoning 1d200 warriors from beyond the pale  Worth 60000 gold pieces because of its cultural significance to the Picts.

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