Friday, May 26, 2017

OSR Commentary On A Few Of The OSR Titles Being Featured In The Fifteen Percent Special Sale For Your Old School Campaigns

The big sale over on Drivethrurpg continues to roll on & I've gotten an email asking which titles are worth getting into if your old school or OSR dungeon master. Alright here's a few thoughts and opinions about some of the titles that are on sale. Any of the Hill Canton's campaign material from Chris Kutalik  is worth getting especially Slumbering Ursine Dunes ,Fever-Dreaming Marlinko,& the crazy weirdness of  Misty Isles of the Eld.

This is one of the stand out OSR campaign settings with a completely different twist on the classic Eastern European fairy tale world elements that seem to come out of their own reality. Because this material is set up for Labyrinth Lord its so easy to adapt a wide variety of OSR retroclone game systems. Be sure to get the free downloads that go along with the setting for that added playability. 
Another title that goes in a completely different direction & ramps up the violence for Dungeon Crawl Classics is Hubris by Mike Evans. This thing is a massive three hundred & fifty pages of world building charts, new races, classes, kingdoms, etc. all set on the fetid corpse of a god that's only the start of it. There's a certain decedent brutality & vicious swords & sorcery death metal vibe about the world of Hubris that few other settings come close to. I've modified it time & again with use with a number of OSR retroclone systems even though its intended for use with DCC its easily hackable with others.
Another more modern OSR setting done is a pulpy not quite Weird Tales style is Trey Causey's Weird Adventures. Part campaign setting book, part player's guide, & complete guide to the City the domain of the  hard-boiled adventurer. There are few other settings that have that certain OSR something that has DM's coming back to them again and again. This is one of those for me. Make sure to download the free sampler/expansion of the Weird Adventures setting book Strange Trails. This book has important adventure  bits & campaign  pieces for the world of the City.

Another title that I'd probably pick up is Androids,Aliens, & Aberrations by Kirt Dankmyer 

its just one of those damn useful science fantasy OSR books that has a lot of uses at the table. A great book  especially if I'm looking to add some race or other PC class with a sci fi twist to it to an old school game.

Any of Tim Snider's Mutant Future or Apes Victorious material is top drawer & is so great to throw into a B/X D&D style game or even a Mutant Future one shot. Speaking of Labyrinth Lord or similar retroclone systems I highly recommend anything by  James Mishler Games. Their OSR material is highly recommended and easy to adapt to an number of systems especially any of their monster, adventurer, or setting titles.

 Another strong contender in the must grab OSR titles department are any of the  Necrotic Gnome Productions  books which have some very strong OSR credit to them. They're very well done and highly useful for the DM on the run.

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