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Commentary On The New Robocop Trailer For Your Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

 The new trailer looks amazing or does it? The thing here is that this is an all star cast and it does have some pretty interesting and cool CGI stuff. Will it have the satire that made the old one an icon though. The path of this movie is kinda of interesting and the inclusion of Michael Keaton is a pretty bold choice. 
Just in case you might need a refresher on the 1987 movie.
Set in a crime-ridden DetroitMichigan in the near future, RoboCop centers on police officer Alex Murphy (Weller) who is brutally murdered and subsequently revived by the malevolent mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) as a superhuman cyborg law enforcer known as "RoboCop".
Alright here are my concerns about this remake :
  • The movie isn't going to have the satire  of the original 
  • No Peter Weller and that goes without saying. 
  •  The ideals of the original are passay and so the movie is going to become another sci fi remake on a pile of sci fi remakes that don't make bank at the box off.

    These concerns have nothing to do with what I've seen in the trailer so far. But how does the remake stack up to the original?
    Judge for yourself my friends. 

As for me I'm going to have a Robocop marathon over the weekend.

The OCP Legacy 

File:OCP logo.svg

Omni Consumer products got quite the workout in my Gamma World and Cyberpunk 2020 games. The whole evil corporation vibe was going pretty strong and my players seemed to run into a every single product made by them from bots to space craft OCP had their hands in it. 
According to wiki:

Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is a fictional corporatocratic megacorporation in the RoboCop franchise. It creates products for virtually every consumer need, has entered into endeavors normally deemed non-profit, and even manufactured an entire city to be maintained exclusively by the corporation.[13][14] OCP is a modern example of the longstanding trope of the evil megacorporation in science fiction.[15][16]
OCP is depicted as a megacorporation with divisions affecting nearly every level of consumer need, society, and government. Their products range from consumer products to military weaponry and private space travel. Their projects included RoboCop, the ED-209, and the RoboCop 2 cyborg. OCP owns and operates a privatized Detroit Police Department and have been known to employ criminals to achieve their goals.[13]
OCP, throughout its depictions in the RoboCop films, has sought to fully privatize a dystopian DetroitMichigan, into "Delta City", a manufactured municipality governed by a corporatocracy, with fully privatized services — such as police — and with residents exercising their representative citizenship through the purchase of shares of OCP stock. They also serve as part of the military–industrial complex; according to OCP executive Richard "Dick" Jones, "We practically are the military." Jones observes in RoboCopthat OCP has "gambled in markets traditionally regarded as non-profit: hospitals, prisons, space exploration. I say good business is where you find it."

In Gamma World every single robot, cybernetic organism, and android had some OCP part or neural network. OCP had a hand in the Exterminator series of robotic units that plagued players of the game. And with the remake maybe its time to dust off a few campaign notes. 
Here's the official movie website


  1. I too just happened to see that trailer hours ago. Having grown up on Robocop, I have the same concerns. Will this be as quoteable? Will it be as funny? Will the new ED-209 still eerily cry like a baby when it falls down the stairs?

    Some originals just shouldn't be re-made. But then there are some that were good (enough) because today's cgfx are above and beyond the 80s. For instance, the new Total Recall was worth it because good actors and a fresh story kept it different and fresh.

    I think I need to get a tshirt that says "Red Forman is my Clarence Boddicker"

  2. My concern is that the new movie may be trying too hard. The original knew it was a B movie and delivered in spades.

    But unlike a lot of remakes, the trailer hasn't put me off. I'll end up seeing this.

  3. Realmwright - This is one of those movies whose trailers have left more questions then answers and I've watched the trailer like six times. I keep wondering,'what I'm actually looking at here'. Is this making of a new franchise? Or is this something else entirely.
    Why keep remaking some of these? The new 'Total Recall' was worth the rental. Good cast and an interesting dust up on the story. But it almost seems like Hollywood is trying to catch lightning in a bottle with some of these remakes. I want to see it with some pretty low expectations just so that I can be surprised.

    The original Robocop was a classic in the sense that it was a 'VCR' classic. Its a 'B' movie that had something to say without bashing you over the head with it. You could throw it in the VCR anytime and it would play over and over. Friend would stop every time and watch.
    I don't think that the trailer has put me off at all. I think its forcing me to ask questions and makes me want to see the damn movie. Drat the trailer has done its job! ARrrgh. I'm a victim of advertising.
    Thanks guys. Its comments like this that keep me coming back to the blog everyday for me.

    More to come!


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