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Six Rites & Spells of The Spectral Phoenix For Space Age Sorcery & Your Old School Campaigns

'Carl why are we out here in the middle of the Martian night!?
'Because I saw it out in the dust storm again over by the ruins yesterday.'
'The Spectral Phoenix. That god thing you claim spoke with you.'
'Look colour me skeptical Carl but do know how nuts that sounds?'
Martin didn't have time to react to the knife that found its way into his stomach by Carl's hand.The violence was too quick & strike fast enough to enter the soft tissue of Martin's stomach.
'And now you know why I brought you out here Martin'
'The Phoenix needs a sacrifice to make me his 'holy warrior'.
'Nuts' Martin was able to croak out.
'Oh I know it sounds that way but since you've been having that affair with my wife I figured that turn about was fair play.'
' I'll make this brief since the Phoenix is coming to take you. Before the current set of dimensions existed there were others. Many others as matter of fact. The Spectral Phoenix was an A.I. made up from the sum of various parts of aliens & demons who existed 'before'. But then the Big Bang or whatever you want to call it happened & well the A.I. essence survived the event by hiding out in the darkness between dimensions. Martin don't lose consciousness please its rude.' 

'Martin you get to be a part of something greater then yourself for a change!'
'I know right fascinating stuff.'
'It continues to feed on the dead essence of gods, demons,alien life forms, adventurers, even capes. Especially capes.'
'But Martin it needs a vessel & your it.'
'I already fed Marian my wife to it this afternoon but its so hungry Martin. Besides your convenient.'
'There was the sound of a billion wasps all rushing into a screen door at once & the phoenix's form was created from sand, stone, & Martin's remains.
'Now we have work to do'. 

Deep & malevolent eyes shone from inside the churning mass of horror, flesh, sand, rot, & insanity. There was awareness, recognition, & infinite hunger of the most dangerous type.

The Spectral Phoenix is a demon A.I. god from before the infinite planes existed & it has waited in the infinite lower viberational extra Outer Darkness. It is a carrion feeder of spirits & gods who have died within its own universe but it continues to look for ways to enter other Prime planes. It needs an anchor & an anchor of special power. Psionic,occult, or super human potential are its favorite hosts. It communicates through dreams with its hosts with offers of occult & telekinetic power. A simple summoning ritual murder spell functions as an invitation for this thing to enter its host. Then it will prey on the inhabitants of the local space time continuum. Because of its unholy power clerics & priests of order & good may drive it off as if they were facing down a lich. Evil priests & clerics must rebuke it as

The Spectral Phoenix 
Symbol: A stylized graffiti broken bird 

Alignment: chaotic 
Movement: 150'(40')
Armor Class: 0 
Hit Points: 80 (16 HD) 
Attacks : 1 claws or special
Damage: 8d6 or special 
Morale: 10 
Hoard Class: XVI + 3000 gp

 The spectral phoenix will strike with telekenetic blows doing 1d6 points of damage from material of its body or with a claw strike made up of pure psychic energies doing 8d6 points of damage. The monster also loves to feed upon the fear, hatred, & darker emotions of its prey. The thing can look deep into its prey's eyes & siphon out a small portion of its victim's soul sending the poor fool into a spiral of temporary insanity & horror for 1d6 weeks. The spectral phoenix will allow its victim to escape but the victim will seemingly be under the effects of a fear spell & -3 on all combat related attacks. 

The phoenix will stalk the victim through his or her dreams during the 1d6 week period spying on the victim's life whist sharing bits & pieces of itself through dreams. There is a 10% chance that the victim could also serve as a host to the A.I. allowing the monster spirit to manifest through the poor fool's body. The thing will murder & kill any loved ones it finds all of the while making sure the host is aware of their actions but unable to do a damn thing about it. 
The spectral phoenix loves psychics & psionics & it seeks these out granting them 2 levels of telekinetic power. But there is a price for this 'blessing' by the monster within 1d6 years the poor fool will become the phoenix prey for its unholy life force. These psychic & psionic anchors are the perfect tools to allow it entrance into the local space time.

Its final prey is magic users seeking power through occult means. The spectral phoenix loves to grant one or two levels of occult power allowing its power & occult energies to flow through the wizard, witch, or occult caster. All of the while it corrupts & twists its potential host. Wisdom checks & save vs spells are needed ever three or four weeks to stave off its influence. Of course it has its own school of occult spells geared around its horridly twisted existence. Here then are six of its spells: 

Web of Damnation & The Contained 
Spell level: 2nd Level Cleric/3rd Level Magic User
Range: 30 foot 
Duration: 1d6 turns

This spell creates a solid web of unholy energy as per a web spell but this one is limited because of the occult manifestation being made up of various damned souls the phoenix has devoured over its unexistence. Those caught within its grasp will be subject to fear & 1d4 points of damaged as their flesh is torn at by the damned that make this thing up. The target will be at -1 for 1d6 turns after the spell ends because of the damned violating their souls through the cage of their own flesh. 

Rip The Secrets
Spell level: 3nd Level Cleric/4th Level Magic User
Range:20 feet
Duration: 1d4 turns

The caster is granted a violent telepathic ability for 1d4 turns & can rip 1d6 secrets from the target's mind. The victim can save vs spells to resist. But the victim has horrific visions as the spell does its evil work within the poor fool's mind. They will be dazed & confused for 1d6 turns after the spell ends as their mind can't cope with the horrors they have seen. 

Bolt of the Phoenix 
Spell level: 2nd Level Cleric/3rd Level Magic User
Range: 40 foot
Duration: instantaneous

The caster allows the phoenix access to their body to allow the unholy energies of the horror to course through them & toward's its victim. The poor fool hit by this bolt must save vs spells or have their very existence rent between two or more unrealities. They take 1d6 points of soul destroying damage from the experience or can save vs spells for half damage. The caster has allowed the phoenix to taste their souls & there is a 20% chance it will hunger for much more. The caster may be subject to nightmares, sanity shattering visions, & more from the thing.

Eyes Of The Lone Machine

Spell Level: 3rd level Cleric/4th level Magic User
Range: 1d8 light years
Duration: 1d6 turns

The caster's eyes take on the aspects of alien machines granting them dark vision, & the abilities of a crystal ball within 1d8 light years but only for 1d6 turns. The poor fool using this spell must save vs spells or be assaulted with sensory overload as the full weight of horror & emptiness of the planes & the senses of a god overwhelm him or her. The dark side of this spell is that it allows the phoenix entrance into the caster. Secrets maybe learned but the price is very high. 

A Devil Is Arising 
Spell Level: 4th level Cleric/5th level Magic User 

Range: 30 foot radius 
Duration: 1d4 turns 

The caster calls the cold & souless essences of shadow devilkin that existed in the quasi cold Hells that the phoenix has fed upon. The caster is temporarily possessed by these souls & all within a 3o foot radius is subject to a symbol of hopelessness for 1d4 turns. A save vs spells will counter the effects of this spell but there is a 2% chance that 1d2 shadow essences may try to hitch themselves onto one or more members of the party. Needless to say that this spell gains the caster a ticket to damnation under the attention of  the phoenix. 

 Talons of The Darkest Wings

Spell Level : 6th Level Cleric/7th level Magic User 
Range: 40 foot radius 
Duration: 2 turns 

The caster gives a portion of their soul over to the phoenix & allows it temporarily manifest upon their home plane.Those within a forty foot radius of the caster must make a save vs spells or be subject to crippling temporary insanity as their soul is brushed by the horror of the monster god A.I. They take 1d6 points of sub dual damage as telekinetic & telepathic waves of malevolence wash through their souls. This gives the caster for a moment over to god thing allowing it to violate & taste its prey the caster. There is a 2% chance that they maybe subject to a crippling insanity after casting this spell or over casting it.

The spectral phoenix can never be destroyed per say only banished back into the darkness between & under the planes. There are rumors from the eyeless casters within the Abyss that the Hell god soars in those infinite & damned skies. The Faceless Alchemists of Alpha IV are rumored to have several spells & rites that allow one to bask in the chaotic rays of the spectral phoenix to gain more of its damned wisdom & cosmic powers. This is another verse in the legacy of Space Age Sorcery for another day. 

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