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1d20 Random Crowns Of The Ancients Treasure Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Before the fall of the Ancients many crowns of emperors, kings, and rulers of the old world were given supernatural powers. Many of these items were beyond the ken of man. These items of myth & legend live on. Down through stories & second hand accounts they filter into the ears of adventurers.
Many of these items of legend have been imbued with or cursed with the spirits & essence of their former owners. Learned men & sages speculate the souls of the rulers themselves were threaded into the molecular structure of these relics. There is a 20% chance that when these items are first found they will try to possess the finder causing them to become obsessed with the crown. Unless a save vs device or technology is made the evil essence of the crown will begin to slowly over 1d20 days begin to color the thoughts, actions, and finally the soul of the owners. Finally the crown will fully take over & place its evil demonic life force within its new vessel.
Crowns will have 1d6 minor psychic abilities in addition to many of the standard demonic powers. The occult technological rites drawing deeply from the powers of the Abyss or the Outer Darkness.

1d20 Random Crowns Of
The Ancients Treasure Table

  1. The Crown of King Othalarugole - This crown belonged to a wasteland ruler whose wraith knew no bounds. The crown loves blood, thunder, and power it will quickly take over its vessel and murder all of those around it to establish domination and power.
  2. Sthatholo's Laurels - This crown belonged to a wizard whose power almost reached the height of the gods. He was cursed and as he lay dying his soul was transferred to this vessel, he will retain his sixth level of magic and grow steady in level with each new moon until reaching 16th level. He is a chaotic obsessed horror from beyond the grave.
  3. Thughothl's Folly is a small tin plated crown shocked through with small semi precious gems. This warrior and murder's spirit must walk the Earth to atone for his deeds but instead will seek to murder and build a new army.
  4. Ugthaguborst - Is a a crown belonging to an alien power and demon god whose lust for vengeance will make him seek out wasteland mutant tribes and begin his reign of blood shed and genocide once again. He is a cleric of the demon blood god of the wastelands.
  5. Zhachaol's Prison is a trap for this demonic horror who sports 1d6 additional mental abilities & will seek to build an empire of ghosts and souls for his coming kingdom of Hell on Earth. He is without mercy or pity.
  6. Zs'cthabharta - Is a wizard of the mind who seeks to consume all intellects around him. His abilities enable him to consume souls and minds after murdering their vessels and he will not stop.
  7. Bbois -Was an alien bounty hunter turned murderous ruler who seeks to track down all of the dead souls from his dimension. He has a sixth sense about what they have been reincarnated into and the crown is drawn to these souls by fate.
  8. El-ot- A priest of Cthulhu trapped within the ring of power within this crown. He seeks to release his master and his deep one servants. He will begin the process of gaining power and passions in the field. To Cthulhu he is a buffoon and tool for mayhem. The god is not aware of his servant at this time and his abilities as a tool of the Abyss.
  9. Gug'tachaolot - The shape shifting horror from beyond calls this crown home and has no wished to be disturbed and is in the the process of building his own power. He will murder those who disturb him and consume souls until he finds the answers he seeks.
  10. Iamicthorst A crown with the soul of a wizardly mad man who seeks his lost love's soul throughout eternity. The wife's soul has moved on but this crown has not and will begin stalking anyone with knowledge of this soul. This crown is a dark lord of the unholy light and will seek to murder anyone who gets in his path.
  11. Intha is a former servant of the Ice Walker demon lord and retains all of his seventh  level magical abilities and now wants to sacrifice as many as he can to appease his lord.
  12. Keg'eholhoth Laiquski  is the stuff of nightmares, a shape shifting horror from the Outer Darkness who seeks to scarifice a very new soul on this plain. He speaks of nothing else and continues to speak long after others have moved on to other spirits
  13. Orthorsk This is a former vessel of an exotic dancer who died in a fire but not before transferring her soul in its entirety over to this rich crown. She seeks domination and power over all who are within her rather small sphere of influence. She is obsessed by wasteland relics and technology. She will not waste time with useless prattle and get down to violent business.
  14. Pha-got - This crown belongs to a disease and plague sorcerer whose agenda is to start a new plague to engulf the nation it finds itself in. It has caches of secret plague labs throughout the region.
  15. Tlelit is a monster without hope or fear whose obsessed with violence and depravity; it seeks to reclaim its legacy from the wastes by building an army.
  16. Ugnyaclig is an A.I. essence with many abilities to contact the Outer Darkness and summon his choatic insect hordes from beyond the pale to establish a brand new hive of blood and souls for its taking.
  17. Uth-oth  Shalaung was a former law obsessed spirit which has since become the leading of others into the service of chaos. It has a violent streak a mile wide and is in contact with the Abyss leading others to one or more of its hellish lords. Very few people can match the speed or procreative ability of this being. It will gate in 1d6 mid level demons to do its bidding.
  18. Shanduial is a conqueror and possible would be ruler of the world, whose abilities enable it to spread chaos and align with  of Chaos again. To this end it will summon 1d20 mutant warriors to do its bidding.
  19. Thalilingotu a priest of the Old Ones trapped in bondage to an artifact that restrains its terrible wrath. Freed it is a roiling ball of hate and evil waiting and watching for an opportunity to strike at the hearts of men and mutant alike. It is a very dangerous enemy to make for adventurers.
  20. Thmegirgolia Ugorodrgulug the combined essence of a wizard and his former demonic patron now fused into one soul who wishes to create a new reality by tearing down the old one. He has an enslaved angel which must be freed to let loose the new Armageddon. 

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