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Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence - Legion Spirits - Planar Undead


There are the remains of those beings, who during the "Extinction Wars" sold their souls to certain Planar Demons belonging to the Mythos Gods of the 'Outer Darkness' for fleeting power over their fellow man.
 These vaguely meta  spirit organisms now haunt between dead stars in the depths of space searching  void between the stars for other humans to feed their incredible hunger for human and near human souls.  

File:John Gilbert - Hamlet in the Presence of His Father's Ghost.JPG

No Appearing 1d6 
Armor Class: 6 
Hit Dice:8 
Attack Bonus+10/+10 
Saving Throw: 11 +
Damage: 1d10/1d10
 Specials: Level Drain, Regeneration as Trolls 
Movement : 30' 
Morale : 12 

These vaguely meta  spirit organisms are equipped with numerous razor edged fighting tendrils and will cut any human or near humanoid life forms they encounter. They have an incredible hunger for life force and will level drain any being they encounter after wounding any potential prey. 
 There are ancient Legion Spirits that may be found around space wrecks or failed colony ruins. These alien life forms descend from 'spirit portals' from the Outer Darkness. These portals orbit the so called 'winds of the damned' which takes these portals deep through the depths of inhabited space. 
Hordes of these monsters are always released as these portals of horror race through settled space unleashing their monstrous charges. 
File:Spirit portal.jpg

Legion Spirits may always be summoned or controlled by their  demonic masters from  the Outer Void. These demons often use these monsters as fodder in wars with other 'gods' of various pantheons. There are stories of explorers and adventurers getting caught within such fractious combats. 


The Legion Spirits are actually made up of thousands of shards of paranormal energy and under the right conditions can be captured within psychic traps of so called spirit crystal or even specially created mirrors of alien design. So of these traps have been left behind aboard the wrecks of alien warships or even found within the ruins of ancient war fortresses. Only the most skilled psychics can deal with these damned spiritual monsters.
Several special strange radiations will cause the monsters to break down into their paranormal energy matrices. These matrices are vulnerable to certain types of energy weapons available from some very dubious and dangerous alien races.
 There are of course rumors of so called "black schools" that are found circling gas giants that resemble Hells of ancient alien legend that teach the summoning of these monsters. These are of course only rumor whispered in the dark of the most heinous space cantinas and interstellar dives. 

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