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1d20 Random Encounters Table For 'The Guardians Of The Passageways of the Underworld' For Your Old School Games

When the old world passed away & the billions of Old Earth souls passed on many were transformed by the forces of the Outer Darkness into demons or worse. There are still millions of souls trapped & transfixed between the spaces of dimensions by the Boreas winds that howl with strange radiations around Hyperborea. There were other spirits of the dead plucked from the orbits of dead stars where demonic lords & ladies held court. These were bargained for by the gods of Earth's dreams & traded with hags of the Night. The ancient goddess Night often traded the larval forms for favors & worse with the patrons of the Underworld. These souls were sculpted by the dread lords of the grey dimension to act as guardians against those who would trespass into the realms of the grey damned. They are often summoned to the Earthly & Prime planes for matters of the dead & for their dread prophecies of the grim future.

Though they are beings of grim aspect they are honest to a fault. They love to feast on the fear & loathing of the living & often have to be restrained by a spirit of Death.Many times these spirits will go on rampages terrifying & killing the living. They are often summoned to the prime plane by black wizards for they know many secrets of the dead and the grey damned. They are often attached to the world of the living through some minor treasure of the damned or of Old Earth.

They have all of the powers of a minor demon but the abilities of a ghost or specter ala The Monster Manual for first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. These beings have several unique abilities.  Three times per week these spirits may make a grand prophecy about someone's life, these dire visions of the future will only impact one individuals. These monsters often are attached to  black wizards or other dire cults whose treasures they guard from behind nearby multi dimensional realities. They may astrally track an individual whose taken one of their charges or objects over two hundred miles or more. Guardians of the underworld may also send mad visions of forbidden vistas & insane landscapes. Victims must make a save vs wands or a wisdom save to avoid these visions each night.

“Non- Euclidean calculus and quantum physics are enough to stretch any brain; and when one mixes them with folklore, and tries to trace a strange background of multi-dimensional reality behind the ghoulish hints of Gothic tales and the wild whispers of the chimney-corner, one can hardly expect to be wholly free from mental tension.
(Dreams In The Witch-House)”
― H.P. Lovecraft
The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories

1d20 Random Encounters Table
For  The Guardians Of The Passageways of the Underworld
  1. NelautiquaubPhu'rh - A busy body warrior in life this spirit guards the passage way into the lower spirit astral & the treasured larva of Hades itself. It loves nothing more then to bargain for the true names of demons for passage into the undeworld. A corrupt and dangerous spirit it loves to feed on the fear of children and the old.
  2. Rarhothu - A murderer & rapist in life, in death this spirit is a cunning and cagey foe who stalks its victims for months before swallowing the souls of trespassers. It bargains for erotic dreams and songs for passage into the 'Shallow Pits'
  3. Ugogyalot - The Pyramid builder's fiend is the gossip on all matters of the occult and little deaths of adulators. It will bargain & taunt answers to occult mysteries but loves minor magic items. It guards the money vaults of the lords of the Underworld.
  4. Zotegull- The black magus of the underworld knows all of the hidden by ways and passages of the Underworld for it guards them all. It will bargain for the blood of the young for its favors.
  5. Chacllis - 'She who sits at the locked door' is a minor spirit that collects the final breaths of the dead and the names of demons of the little deaths. It's cunning knows no bounds at it tells the dreams of the dead and guards the passages to the lower grey hells.
  6. Eloanagg- A guardian of the stinking pits of the grey world, this spirit loves to strip the flesh from its victims as it tells the future of its relatives. It has a list of those it stalks in the world of the living writ on living flesh.
  7. Hoth-golar- A semi alive being who has become a spirit of the dead and guards the charges of the drowned and dying. It loves to listen to the sound of birth and stalks those it can between worlds.
  8. Llzalany - A member of the three who wait in death, this being listens to the spirits and wails as it plays the song of the damned. It guards the angles of the underworld and trades spells with certain nightmare wizards.
  9. Ogolzogg -  This singer to the damned loves his gold but can't experience it anymore. But it doesn't stop it from taking bribes of 1d10. This being guards the flights stairs down into the Greater Underworld. It can grant 1d4 spells per day.
  10. Pharuath - This former servant of Cthulhu longs to live again and make try to take possession of the body of one who wants to gain access to the Gallery of Nights a place where the longest nights dream between days. Here the gods come to find things lost in the night and forge blades made of pure darkness and starlight.
  11. Choschat- A former siren of Greece that now guards the oceans of the Underworld and wails to the uncaring sky as the skulls of demons orbit over head. Here the sky foretells when the stars might be right again.
  12. Enatursog The former priest of Hastur guards 'the passages between' a realm of pure sensation and horror of the underworld.
  13. Hlo-ot - A spirit that guards a hidden door and has the powers of a greater demon but loves cheeses of all types.
  14. MmehaguatNi-mil The spell miser is a being that sees magic as the ultimate knowledge and guards the library of magick of the Underworld. It will trade minor magic items in exchange for 1d4 mysterious spells.
  15. Yigngh A former Mi Go priest now in the service of the demonic hive of the underworld. This being commands 1d20 giant insects and it processes the dead even as it eats & craps out their souls.
  16. Yo'bothagtac A multi part soul of some long forgotten god thing now reduced down to the lowest guardian of the Underworld pits. This being still has three cults on Earth even though it is thought to be powerless in the mortal world.
  17. Zothandac A former psycho killer and madman whose crimes have put him in charge of the torture pits where some ancient souls still know all of the important artifacts of magick. He trades some secrets for key pieces of knowledge.
  18. Danakrt This being is a former butcher know human secret keeper who loathes his underworld the living tower. The thing now loves to trade in sanity bending riddles and occult secrets of the damned.
  19. Gnacaini-hana This former concubine of Old Earth's Kubicon who now collects the souls of those who step outside the bounds of marriage and into the realm of the damned. It loves to collect tragic romances &  knowledge about powerful magics. 
  20. Ilhulaoraru this being does not think itself real even as it crawls behind the latest dimensional interface to kill or maim. This being loves to pass itself off as a ghost of a vicious Roman general who has seen far too many battles! 

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